Mobile Centricity

Easily make pages more immersive with our Progressive Web Application (PWA), which uses web browser capabilities to provide a mobile-app-like experience.

Easy to buy, everywhere shoppers go.

At work or at play, more shoppers than ever before are buying on mobile devices. And because they’re on-the-go, they can’t wait for your website to load or worry about downloading another app. But they still want to check out just as easily on their smartphone or tablet as they do on their desktop.

With Magento Commerce, buyers get the app-like experiences they expect while developers get an easier way to build and maintain them. One code base, one deployment, one application. Progressive Web Apps provide speed without the inconvenience of native apps, while easy checkout and responsive design make it a breeze for buyers to purchase on any device they choose.

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Progressive Web Applications
Give buyers the convenience and speed of a mobile app, along with the searchability and robust experience of desktop browsers with the help of Progressive Web Applications.

Responsive Themes
Quickly create your e-commerce site with out-of-the box templates designed to display beautifully and consistently on every device, in any form.

Mobile-Friendly Checkout
Convert more buyers with an easier checkout process that includes instant purchase and seamless integration with payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree.

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Powerful User Experience

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Provide an “endless aisle” of product to consumers and sell more effectively.

Business Intelligence

Eliminate technical data hurdles with a central solution that lets you analyse what is important.

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