Multi-touch attribution

Prove and improve your demand and account-based marketing. Track revenue to specific marketing campaigns, channels and even individual content assets using Marketo Measure (Bizible).


See what’s working at each stage of the customer journey.

Marketers are working with increasingly complex marketing mixes — targeting multiple audiences at varying stages of the customer journey across multiple channels. Despite all these spinning plates, it’s still crucial to pinpoint which placements on which channels drive the most conversions so you can maximise their effectiveness and quickly rework underperforming campaigns.

Marketo Measure (Bizible) goes beyond the standard engagement tracking most B2B marketers are used to by automatically gathering everything you need to know about every customer interaction across every channel. With the Everytouch Attribution record, you can see which channels, campaigns and individual pieces of content drive the most pipeline, revenue and highest ROI. Now you can increase marketing qualified lead volume and conversion rates. And do it while clearly proving marketing’s specific contribution to closed/won deals that come through your door. | image


See what makes this feature work.

Multi-touch attribution modelling
Customise your attribution using automations to create a model to track pipeline, revenue and ROI to each touchpoint across channels, campaigns and content. Get out-of-the-box weighted multi-touch models, customised models and even machine-learning models.

Touchpoint tracking
See the complete buyer’s journey from anonymous touch to closed deal. Our touchpoint-based data model automatically keeps track of every account, opportunity, buyer and funnel stage.

Cross-channel tracking
Use integrations with CRMs, marketing automation and ad providers to capture touchpoints in real time across paid media, web, email and even off-line channels like events and sales activities.

Advanced B2B attribution
Expand your tracking as you grow with account-based marketing attribution, boomerang journey stages and predictive account engagement scoring, giving you even deeper insights into customer behaviour.

Analytics and reporting
Get insights from pre-built, best practice-based dashboards that filter to highlight revenue attribution, pipeline attribution, marketing spend, ROI, journey insights, funnel velocity and more.

CRM integration
Integrate Marketo Engage with your existing CRM to easily run and share reports — prebuilt, templatised or fully customised— between sales and marketing teams.

Data Warehouse
Answer complex, business-specific marketing questions through ad hoc analysis and specified data visualisation using raw data, data integrated with third-party datasets or your favourite business intelligence tool.

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Your hard work makes a difference. We’ll help you to prove it.

Marketo Measure (Bizible) lets you spend less effort justifying marketing’s seat at the table. We’ll help you to show the value of your marketing strategies in a way others in your organisation can understand. Lean more about marketing attribution from Marketo Measure.

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Grow leads without growing your marketing spend.

Bizibile can help your organisation grow leads by 15% and increase closed/won deals by 25%, all without increasing your overall marketing spend. Read Forrester’s Total Economic ImpactTM of Marketo Measure (Bizible) study.

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