Advertising and subscriptions your bottom line will love.

Advertising and subscriptions are important sources of revenue, whether you’re focusing on one or the other or you’re using both. And if you’re having trouble sending the perfect ad, delivering paid-TV content only to paying customers or you’re looking to boost your revenue, Adobe Pass is here to help.


Better ad targeting means better ad inventory yield. And more revenue.

Advertising is being transformed by data and technology. Your advertisers want to target their ads better and achieve greater ROI. And your audiences expect relevant ads and TV-quality experiences. With Adobe Pass, you can use data to boost your digital video ad inventory by delivering better-targeted ads. And when you do this, you cut waste and boost inventory yield.

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Customers want TV Everywhere. You want revenue. Get both with great subscription experiences.

Today’s customers watch TV wherever they are. Their viewing behaviours are fragmented and it’s difficult to deliver high-quality video experiences across every device and platform. On top of that, unauthorised account sharing causes you to miss out on revenue. The cloud-based services in Adobe Pass help you to protect and grow your subscriber revenue by expanding your TV options and reducing account sharing.

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