Protect your subscribers. Nurture them.
And then get more of them.

Your subscribers have more viewing options than ever before. They want to watch on the go and on a variety of devices. And they want the freedom to watch whenever they want. Adobe Pass helps you to give your subscribers ways to view TV Everywhere while also protecting your revenue from losses from unauthorised account sharing.

Take TV Everywhere to the next level.

Whether you’re a broadcaster, cable network or pay-TV provider, managing subscriber access across the entire TV Everywhere ecosystem can be difficult. There are thousands of TV Everywhere access points — devices, websites and apps. And your subscribers want easy access. If their experience isnt' smooth, you run the risk of driving them away and losing their business. In short, managing subscriber authentication in a viewer-friendly way across thousands of possible access points is complicated. Very complicated.

What’s more, you also need to worry about protecting your subscription and affiliate revenue from losses due to unauthorised account sharing — a problem that could be costing the industry billions in revenue every year.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Pass’s award-winning cloud-based services are up to the task. Adobe Pass can help you to protect and grow your subscriber revenue by expanding your customers’ viewing options across every device and platform. You can set up intelligent rules to reduce account sharing and increase account security. And you can establish a flexible, user-friendly system for unlocking pay-TV content across all devices.