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Product Analytics unifies insights across your marketing and product teams to refine and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Our core package gives you everything you need.

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Product Analytics is unmatched — with self-service omnichannel tools that let your teams quickly deliver amazing experiences.

Analyse — The best insights, fast. Self-serve omnichannel insights at speed using the best tool for the job.
User engagement trends
Friction funnel
Conversion-over-time funnel
Active user growth
Net user growth
Feature-release impact
First-use impact
Time comparisons
Segment discovery
Anomaly detection
Collaborate — Empowering teams. Consistent data language across the entire org enables cross-functional collaborate.
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Open in Analysis Workspace
Access and create components
Act — Data-driven action. Personalised experiences driven by product signals to fuel experience-led growth.
Audience activation
Govern — Manage events at scale. Consolidated data collection for product, marketing and customer experience.
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“We’re excited about the capabilities offered within Adobe Product Analytics and the potential it will have to enable our product teams to uncover deep subscriber insights while collaborating across teams. With this unified view of the customer journey, Adobe is empowering us with the tools to better understand our subscribers and improve customer experiences across all our streaming products.”

Lindsey Weaver, VP of Global Product Analytics, Warner Bros. Discovery

See what Adobe Product Analytics can do for your business.

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