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Curated to provide the information you need to learn about the Adobe + Microsoft partnership.

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When Big Data’s Marketing Potential Gets Lost in Translation.

Unearth the power of data, your best asset and make it work effectively for you.

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Breaking Down the Data Wall.

Learn how the latest technologies bring together data from sales, marketing and other departmental silos to give companies a competitive edge.

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Campaign Orchestration with Adobe and Microsoft

Build better customer journeys from awareness to advocacy. Learn more with our Adobe Campaign demo.

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Fluid Retail Experiences with Adobe and Microsoft

Learn how retailers can build deeper relationships with customers. See Adobe Experience Manager at work.

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Check out how 24 Hour Fitness is transforming their business and their customer’s experience.

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See what’s keeping your sales and marketing teams out of sync.

Find out how sales and marketing can leap over gaps to become customer-first and drive growth together.

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Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps and How to Overcome Them

Learn about the top challenges facing organisations and how they can cost you time, customers and profit.

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Embracing Digital Transformation to Drive Unique Experience

Where does your organisation stand between the digital leaders and digital laggards? Find out how you can avoid getting leapfrogged.

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