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This Hub is designed to help you understand more about how Adobe will help you learn more about your customers, enhance your engagement with them and surprise and delight them through unexpected (but rewarding) digital experiences. Learn how Adobe will partner with Joules to craft a story that will result in a long-life customer value.

The State of Personalisation in Retail

Read this report to discover how retailers are addressing the personalisation challenge, step by step. Some tips for you to think about as you re-think your customer journey.

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While in-store experiences also remain key to the retail executives’ agenda, their second highest priority being the personalisation of these experiences based on online behaviours. How can we merge both by harnessing the power of both physical and digital experiences to understand our customers?

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The value of getting personalisation right - or wrong - is multiplying

Pesonalisation is no longer a luxury, it is a demand by your customers. Learn from McKinsey why it matters, more than ever.

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Deliver digital customer experiences at scale, while keeping them relevant and personal

The first step to creating competitor-beating digital customer experiences, is removing siloes to view customer data all in one place. Each Joules division has a view of your customer, why not combine them all to craft that personalised experience? By combining all your data into enriched and present profiles, we can activate this data to deliver personalised experiences for all your digital customers.

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