The Roadmap to Business Modernisation.

The roadmap to Business Modernisation campaign highlights how the role of CIOs changed over the years to respond the growing business expectations and customer needs. IT leadership must make better use of cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiencies, automate and scale, freeing up time and resources to focus on driving business outcomes. Check out our insights and recommendations.

In a world where so much of our future is unknown, we need to be adaptable. That means smoothing out processes, reducing legacy and rolling out new capabilities that create compelling consumer and employee experiences. Read on to discover practical ways about business modernisation and the road map to best practices that work.

Experience Management

The Role of CIOs in a World Where Experience Rules

In a world where companies need to create compelling experiences that delight customers, employees and partners, CIOs need to add the creation, curation and management of digital experiences to their long rosters of responsibilities. They must lead the march to change, getting involved, and leading, in cultural, structural and process reengineering. Ultimately, the new CIO has a multiple role in acting as Experience Leader, Guardian of Trust and Innovator.

Digital Transformation

A CIO’s Strategy Framework for Disruptive Transformation

What do you do in a changing world shrouded by uncertainty? The only possibility for success is to stay nimble and jump on opportunities to transform operations, marketing, channels to market, customer experiences and beyond. And the CIO needs to be front and centre of that effort…

Marketing Technology

Rationalise to Modernise Your Martech Stack

Hi-tech companies need to do everything they can to win a hypercompetitive, fast-moving sector while also doing more with less: reducing spend and seeking efficiencies at every turn. For both goals, an excellent tactic is to consolidate, standardise and rationalise. In doing so, firms can create solid foundations and coherent toolsets that enable visibility and take out costs and inconsistencies.

Customer Experience

Towards Great Customer Experiences: A CIO Tech Assessment Checklist for Digital Transformation

Transformation that’s centred in the customer experience can be daunting with many moving parts, people management challenges and process re-engineering obstacles. CIOs are increasingly being asked to be front and centre of transformation journeys in a world where everything is becoming digitised. This checklist will help to guide you and to help you to stay on track.