Creative Strategy That Delivers: Fewer Tasks, More Action - S154

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How do you successfully execute on 8,000+ projects a year and make sure it’s the best creative of your life? This is the goal of the newly built Prudential Creative House. Learn how VP and Creative Director Bridget Esposito and her team are able to seamlessly integrate creativity and process in a way that delivers for creatives and for clients.

Bridget will share best practices around:

  • The creation of an insight-driven creative brief with partners
  • Modernizing creative workflows to improve speed to market - leveraging Workfront, AEM Assets, and Frame.io.
  • Empowering creatives with the right solutions so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more doing great work

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Session

Category: Industry Best Practices

Track: Creativity and Design in Business, Graphic Design, Video, Social Media and Marketing

Audience Types: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Graphic Designer, Executive


Bridget Esposito

VP, Group Creative Director, Prudential


  • Creative Cloud

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