Digital Bites Webinar Series

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24th March

Experience and Content Fragments in AEM

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 Learn how Content Fragments and Experience Fragments are similar, different, and when and how to use each.

7th April

What’s New in AEM 6.5

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Learn about the latest innovations including Headless CMS, Creative Cloud integration, Core Components and Automated Forms Conversion. 

21st April

Offer Management in Adobe Campaign Classic

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 Learn how Offer Management in Adobe Campaign Classic can be used to find the most relevant offers to send to your customers.

5th May

Email Best Practice With Adobe Campaign Standard

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 Learn email tips and tricks with Adobe Campaign Standard. Appreciate the power of templates, content fragments and repeatable content and learn how to improve and optimise your campaign workflows. 

19th May

Attribution Capabilities in Adobe Analytics

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 Learn how to improve your marketing performance with the Attribution IQ feature, as well as Advertising Analytics for Paid Search.

2nd June

Segmentation and the Customer Journey in Adobe Analytics

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Discover meaningful and actionable differences between your audience segments, so you can see what customers are most valuable and evaluate how their journeys differ to others. 

16th June

Time-Savings Tips & Tricks In Adobe Analytics

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 Learn about a range shortcuts, as well as a number of more recent releases designed to make your lives as analysts easier and accelerate your time to insights.

30th June

Inspiration Series – Getting Analytics From Research PDFs

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Learn advanced methods for measuring engagement with PDFs. 

Note: this recording features some content which was added after the webinar due to technical interference in the live session.

14th July

How Sensei can help: Unlocking artificial intelligence and machine learning in Adobe Target

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Discover how simple it is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning within Adobe Target.

28th July

Better Together: Adobe Target and it’s Experience Cloud Integrations

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Learn about Adobe Target’s integrations with Adobe Analytics (A4T), Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager.

11th August

The Inspiration Series: Fuelling Target with Content

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In this session we will cover integrations to AEM Content, using Target APIs to bulk ingest content and using Target’s profile data store to help access different pieces of content. 

25th August

AEM and Cloud Service

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In this session we will highlight the key differences between Adobe Managed Services and Cloud Services offerings. 

15th Sep

Offsite Media Activation with Adobe Audience Manager

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Learn to building effective audiences to power your acquisition programmes and media campaigns, to deliver stronger ROI, reduce spend and increase customer relevancy.

29th Sep

How Sensei Can Help: Unlocking AI and Machine Learning in AAM

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Find out how Sensei powers Audience Manager to develop predictive audiences and modelling to optimise your audience targeting. 

20th Oct

Better Together: Privacy and Adobe Audience Manager

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 In this session we look at how Adobe’s first party cookie (ECID) is used to support privacy and how utilising the wider Experience Cloud puts you at an advantage.

27th Oct

Unlocking Value with Adobe Audience Manager and the Adobe Experience Cloud

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Take a practical look at the integrations between Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign. 

17th Nov

Mind the gap - How to build learning pathways to close your team's skills gaps

In this session our learning experts will share recommendations on how to equip your teams with the skills needed to perform their best. We’ll cover a three-step framework you can adopt and tips and tricks for using the tools available to you, including Adobe Experience League.

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