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Meet Adobe, CBS and Siemens at the event and hear about how to create great customer experiences in Manufacturing.

Are you getting ready for the new reality? In B2B you previously grew your business by creating physical meetings and events enabling sales teams and customers to meet. In 2020 this has not been possible. The industry has had to find new ways to establish relationships. The industry has pivoted to new levels in order to create digital experiences for their customers. This transformation has required a new strategy, new processes, and new mindsets.

This online session is aimed at exploring the customer experience driven digital transformation journey. We will hear from Siemens on how they adapted their customer event strategy to Covid-19, the challenges they had and how they pivoted to fully virtual events - and how that helped them to create even stronger customer experiences. And how data has become crucial to support this change.

We will hear from Adobe’s Industry Leader Danny Dalton: Trends right now in Manufacturing and what challenges these customers are facing.


  • New challenges require new perspectives. Learn more in a brief introduction of today’s event by Mogens Bjerre, Professor CBS Copenhagen Business School
  • Adobe, Danny Dalton, Manufacturing Industry Lead Globally: How Manufacturing companies are pivoting and putting a digital first customer experience at the top of the agenda to create higher levels of customer engagement across sales and marketing channels
  • Siemens Damir Hudak, Project Director Global Fairs & Events for Digital Industries:
    Digital Transformation in Marketing and Communications – New opportunities with virtual event formats This presentation will give you some new insights into how digital transformation in communications can help turn challenges into new opportunities and support marketing, sales, and business in a difficult environment. How can you stay in contact with your audience in these challenging times of corona pandemic restrictions? What makes the difference between traditional and known physical shows and new virtual/hybrid events? And how can new virtual formats boost your business?
  • Q&A & Discussion by Mogens Bjerre, Professor CBS Copenhagen Business School
  • Wrap up/closing


About Adobe webinars.

Adobe is focused on helping our customers remain well-positioned for business continuity, and to stay agile in today’s challenging times when things are quickly changing. Business continuity is not about a moment in time, it’s about adapting to the current environment and innovating as you go along.

This may require rapid pivots to build your position of trust and to continue to gain customer confidence. One thing is certain – digital engagement will be among the most powerful assets in every organisation’s arsenal for responding effectively and decisively to this and future challenges.

to learn more about how businesses can quickly and efficiently adapt to this rapidly changing landscape.

Michael Plimsoll

Damir Hudak
Project Director Global Fairs & Events for Digital Industries, Siemens AG

Since beginning his career, Damir has always been passionate about marketing strategies and their statistics and how to leverage them for making trendsetting business decisions.

From 2016 to 2019, Damir headed communications for Siemens’ fast-growing “MindSphere” cloud solutions business before he began to manage the two flagship events for Siemens Digital Industries, the Hannover Fair and Smart Production Solutions.

In addition, Damir has been Head of Communications for the Water Technologies business at Siemens, analyst, sales manager and director for IT.

Damir holds a degree in business administration and is a member of the Hannover Fair Exhibitors Council.

Michael Plimsoll

Mogens Bjerre
Author and Associate Professor,PHD, CBS Copenhagen Business School

Mogens Bjerre, holds a Ph.D. and is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School. Mogens joined CBS as an industrial research fellow in 1995 and acquired his Ph.D. in 1999 about Key Account Management. He joined CBS after a career as CMO and Managing Consultant. Mogens teaches courses in Brand Management, International Marketing, Sales Management, Sales Governance & Business Development. His research interests focus on strategic use of branding, B2B relationships, complex customer journeys & sales processes as games. He has written articles and books on franchising, brand management, trade marketing, key account management, organizational buying behavior, retailing service management & strategic relationship marketing. Furthermore, he acts as consultant for leading firms in various industries and is on the board of several organizations.

Michael Plimsoll

Danny Dalton
Industry Strategy Manager Globally at Adobe

Danny joined Adobe Systems in 2010 and has held several different roles within the company, most recently as a member of Adobe’s Industry Strategy team focused on the B2B space. In this capacity, he defines Adobe’s POV and go-to-market strategy for the B2B organizations. Danny also provides marketing thought leadership and works with top-tier brands providing guidance on digital transformation and marketing excellence topics and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.