Agile work management

Implement agile work management — or any other work methodologies — directly within Workfront’s easy-to-use dashboards to increase collaboration, improve predictability and deliver results faster.


Be more agile with Workfront.

Many teams are adopting agile work management practices because they see more collaboration and focus from their teams. This means faster project delivery time and faster time to market. By giving project managers more visibility and teams more control, Workfront’s built in agile support makes agile processes part of everyday work.

Workfront lets you integrate agile processes into your workflows, so you can quickly see and respond to changes happening within Workfront. It’s all-in-one solution that lets you see user stories, sprint progress and burndown charts on an intuitive dashboard. You can also create subtasks, manage your backlogue and respond to changes with easy drag and drop tools.

Workfront also supports other work methodologies for teams who don’t use agile or take a hybrid approach.


See what makes it work.

Sprint planning
Easily prioritise your backlogue and plan your next sprint.

Total visibility
See your epics, storyboards, swim lanes and burn down charts in a single view.

Drag-and-drop tools
Quickly organise the backlogue and storyboard and assign tasks and update calendars using drag-and-drop tools.

Real-time reports
Quickly view your team’s progress with reports like inline burn down charts.

Mixed methodologies
With Workfront Agile and non-Agile teams can deliver initiatives together.

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Add agility to your project planning and execution.

Learn how applying agile methodologies using Workfront helps teams collaborate and deliver great customer outcomes.

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The complete guide to agile marketing.

Cut through the myths and understand what you need to implement agile processes with this step-by-step guide.

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