In a digital-first world, the customer still comes first

Today’s digital economy means putting the customer at the center of everything you do, making it essential to establish the right customer experience management (CXM) strategies and prepare for the next disruption to the status quo. 

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Making customers the core of your digital transformation

Today, reimagining the entire customer journey has become the standard for successful digital  transformations. Achieving this means making the customer experience an imperative at every level  and function  across your entire organization.

Understand and identify the needs of your customer

Personalize all your
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Get customer insights in real time with continual AI optimization

Follow our lead to digital  transformation

We’ve identified six pillars of  great CXM that span the  breadth  of your  entire  business—from  the ways  you’re organized  to  how you  handle  data  and  content.

The brands reinventing experience standards for a digital economy

Customer story

FedEx delivers on ecommerce expectations


During COVID-19, FedEx responded  by reorienting its business around a personalized customer journey involving  greater levels of visibility  and  control.

Customer story

Bridgestone accelerates  its global digital  transformation

A global leader in mobility solutions, Bridgestone is utilizing smart tire technology and advanced data analytics to streamline movement of goods and people.

Customer story

ServiceNow’s secrets to  success in a digital-first world

Cloud solutions provider ServiceNow shares their insights on using a digital-first approach  to  transform the way businesses sell,  market and engage customers.

Expand  your  understanding of our growing digital world


Forrester—Recognizing the need for humanized digital connection

We partnered with Forrester for a global survey of businesses and consumers to understand what changes during the pandemic worked—and which ones will stick.


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We interviewed thousands of seasoned professionals to learn how they’re reacting, evolving, and succeeding amid signicant disruption and opportunity.


2021 Holiday Shopping Trends and Insights

Check out this year’s holiday shopping trends and insights — our data-informed guide to consumer spending this season.

Accelerate the pace of your CXM development

 From customer data to ecommerce, your entire business must act in real-time across an increasingly distributed working model. This requires adapting to the digital-first economy, seamlessly coordinating your teams, and intimately understanding the customer’s journey.

Cookieless World

Cookieless World

Growing your business in a world without third party cookies means you must acquire customer data with consent and unify it across channels to deliver consistent and personal experiences, at scale.

Cookieless World

CIO+CMO Partnership

Marketing and IT teams must align on CXM, with a defined path for MarTech capabilities, data strategies for real-time personalization, and systems integrations which nurture consumer engagement.

Marketing Agility

Marketing Agility

Your business must be empowered to monitor and quickly identify marketplace shifts, consistently measure campaign impact in real-time, and rapidly shift direction to keep pace with customer demand.

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