Building an experience business starts with an experience-based DMP.

Data management platforms can give you the competitive edge. By bringing together avalanches of siloed data, a DMP helps you understand your audience like never before. While traditional DMPs focus on media-based solutions, Audience Manager is a next-generation DMP that works with emerging data sources and a multitude of experience-oriented technologies to better define and activate high-value audience segments.

Sharpen your customer focus with a next-generation lens.

The customer is more powerful than ever. They’re choosing when and where to engage with your brand or even to ignore it entirely. If you want to reach them, you’ll need to know what attributes define them, the products they’re looking for, what they might want to buy next, and much more.

The right DMP will merge all your data sources together including first-party data from point-of-sale, CRM, web, and email, while allowing you to bring in second-party partner data and third-party purchased data to create a 360-degree view of your customers. It will handle the challenges of delivering data security and access control, integrating siloed data, making data actionable, and managing data at scale — which allows you to stay customer focused.

Most importantly, the right DMP will work with your entire marketing stack, not just the media-based elements. It will take your audience segments and easily turn them into actionable insights for sharper targeting and personalized experiences in more channels.

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Adobe can help.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Audience Manager is the next-generation data marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud. It works with both data-in and data-out integrations across various channels, so you can choose the best option to deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right time. 

Audience Manager is data management that’s focused on the experience by empowering brands to collect and connect disparate assets to drive customer intelligence. It’s been recognized as an industry leader and has been given the highest ranking of current offerings among The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2017.

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“Delivering a great experience really begins with the data. We use Adobe Audience Manager as our central data warehouse, acting as the foundation for us to drive customer insight.”

Gordon Ho, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and North America Sales, Princess Cruises

Data Management Platform Features

Device Graphs

Bring device-level data into Adobe Audience Manager and use both deterministic and probabilistic device-linking methods. Build a graph using first-party data, logged-in data from Profile Link, or extend your reach with an external device graph.

Identity management

Define how devices are stitched together, either at the user or household level to focus or expand targeting parameters. Based on the profile rules you set, you can manage identities and deliver a consistent experience across devices.

Data ingestion

Incorporate online and offline data from brand interactions and exposures across touchpoints, including CRM, customer IDs, call centers, point of sale, IOT devices, set-top boxes, and more.

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