Sporting pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe.

How GymBeam doubled its customer base with Adobe Commerce.



Headquarters: Košice, Slovakia

Employees: 425

Turnover: 105 million €

50 percent

company growth in 2021 and 550,000 new customers.


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Expansion of the product portfolio to respond to pandemic developments.

Expand within Europe and offer individualised experiences in each market.

Drive new customer acquisition.

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Starting with Adobe Magento Open Source, now using Adobe Commerce, GymBeam built a strong online shop.

With Adobe Commerce, GymBeam can deliver personalized experiences to all 14 markets.

The company was able to increase its customer base by 50 percent within one year.

Good energy for every sport

GymBeam is considered an important fitness and lifestyle brand in Central and Eastern European countries and the clear market leader in the five fitness markets. The strongest is currently the Czech Republic, amounting to 22 percent of their sales in the last 30 days followed by Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. Overall, the company has grown by 50 percent this year and has gained 550,000 new customers. Whether sports nutrition, dietary supplements, healthy food with nutritional profiles, sportswear - including its own quality brand STRIX - or sports equipment, GymBeam now manages orders from over six million customers in 14 European countries.

Since its founding in 2014, the Slovakian pioneer in fitness products had relied on Adobe Magento Open Source until 2017. The application provided the company with all the essential e-commerce features and enabled it to build a strong online shop with mobile-optimized shopping experiences, catalog management, and global sales. This helped GymBeam to grow rapidly in the European market: "We identified Adobe Magento Open Source as the solution that could keep up with the company and our pace of growth," explains Peter Urban, Chief Technology Officer at GymBeam. “But with our success and the rapid development came a multitude of new customer groups, B2B partners such as gyms, consumers, and marketplaces that needed to be managed. In 2017 we realized that we needed to continue with Adobe Commerce in order to take our online commerce to the next level.” This was when the fitness brand implemented Adobe Commerce, with the help of MageXo s.r.o..

“In 2017 we realized that we needed to continue with Adobe Commerce in order to take our online commerce to the next level.“

Peter Urban
Chief Technology Officer, GymBeam

Growth during a global crisis

The solution supports individualized experiences in online commerce, no matter how many sub-brands in different languages a company wants to manage. With Adobe Commerce, GymBeam can manage all 14 markets centrally from one platform and easily expand into as well as effortlessly adapt all of the processes for new countries. The brand was already on a solid foundation when the 2020 pandemic challenged most e-commerce companies to adapt to new conditions and market situations and keep pace with change. As a market player in online retail, it is particularly important to respond to the extreme increase in demand for orders. As a company in the fitness sector, the closure of the gyms caused a real shift in the product portfolio at GymBeam. Customers were now increasingly looking for supplements or sports equipment to keep fit at home. So GymBeam quickly expanded its range from 1000 stock units to about 3000.

GymBeam as regional market leader

Between 2020 and 2021, GymBeam increased its external turnover by 50 percent, resulting in a GMV of 65 million euros. The team has also grown from 220 to 280 employees. And this during a global health crisis. The number of inventory units has also doubled to 5,700 in the same period, with around 8,000 units now listed in the online shop and shipped from a central warehouse. GymBeam's strongest market presence is in its country of origin, Slovakia, where 32 percent of total sales are currently generated.

Where do we go from here?

In the future, GymBeam wants to expand some of its services, including above all warehouse management, which has been handled via one location so far. In addition, the storefront is to be further optimized and, with the headless approach of Adobe Commerce, mobile app versions and separate shops for the individual sub-brands will also be built. The fitness brand expects about 3 million orders this year.