Marketo Success Stories

 Charles Schwab

“We went from a very traditional marketing organization to a digital marketing team running an incredibly successful nine-touch nurture campaign. The immediate result was $1.1 billion in asset value contributed to the sales pipeline and help in closing deals representing more than $100 million of net new assets.”


Mark Dawson, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Charles Schwab

By transitioning to digital tools, Charles Schwab was able to improve data integrity, inbound leads, and web engagement. This has increased their sales pipeline and resulted in a 900 percent increase in productivity and greater campaign efficiency.

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“We wanted a marketing automation tool that was easy enough for an average Marketing Manager to understand and use. We did not want to have to demand the support of the IT Department.”


Stephen Yeo, European Marketing Director, Panasonic

With Marketo, Panasonic’s marketing team can do more with less. They’ve increased their marketing campaign output five-fold and expanded into new markets without any further investment or resources.


“Marketo has really helped us achieve our vision. And that vision is moving away from a cost center to a value center.”


Alex MacAdam, Marketing Leader and Operations Specialist, Fujitsu

Transforming its business to focus on innovative technologies, Fujitsu wanted to develop more meaningful and personalized content. Marketo is helping them do just that – and customers are responding with greater engagement.

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare

“Marketo is all about helping us as marketers better understand our customers and really engage them in different ways. And we nailed it with $2 billion worth of touched opportunity that went into the funnel and $600 million resulting in wins.”

Stephanie Meyer, Head of Marketing Operations, GE Healthcare

By learning more about their customers’ behavior and how to engage them differently, GE Healthcare has transformed customer engagement and their sales pipeline.


“Building a 360-degree view of our fans helps us increase engagement and build life-long fans who love coming to our property.”


Vincent Ircandia, Vice President of Business Analytics, Portland Trail Blazers

Moving to a fan-centric approach, Marketo has helped the Trail Blazers accurately gauge where fans are in the journey and pinpoint the optimal time for conversion. The result was a record 96 precent renewal of season ticket holders.

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Let’s talk about what Marketo Engage can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Marketo Engage can do for your business.