Reaching millions of readers daily with high-quality news.

From print to Snapchat, Telegraph Media Group remains a news leader for wide audiences using, Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Daily acquisitions for registrations, leading to higher revenue and better understanding of customers


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Register 10 million users to provide more personalised experiences and higher levels of engagement with businesses.

Provide end-to-end digital experience to increase revenue through four lines of business.

Stay competitive in a quickly changing digital publishing market through intelligent innovations.


Becomes a trusted source for breaking news with fast publishing workflows

Tells stories across new channels by freeing resources with Managed Services

Increases engagement by connecting people with news and offers personalised to their reading habits

Tripled daily acquisitions for registrations, leading to higher revenue and better understanding of customers

“Adobe Marketing Cloud gives us the tools that help us embrace a diverse digital presence and continue our role as news leaders”

Chris Taylor

CIO at Telegraph Media Group

Relevance in a digital age

Although many traditional newspapers struggle in the digital age, Telegraph Media Group remains a mainstay of publishing with more than 100 million readers a month. The 160-year-old paper still offers a printed edition but is also embracing digital channels to tell stories in new ways to reach wider audiences.

“We’re not only competing with news organisations worldwide, but also with news aggregation sites, infotainment brands, social media and other industries that continue to disrupt traditional news media,” says Chris Taylor, CIO at Telegraph Media Group. “The Telegraph stands apart by delivering the same quality journalism in ways that our diverse audiences want to read it.”

Today, more and more people read The Telegraph on their computers or through a smartphone app, where interactive charts and video can offer deeper understanding of issues. Younger readers may even explore visual stories on Instagram or Snapchat for a glimpse of top sports, entertainment and global news stories.

“Audiences expect news stories tailored to their interests and delivered on the devices they like best,” says Taylor. “With Adobe Experience Cloud, we’re pushing the boundaries on storytelling to bring audiences news delivered however and wherever they want.”

“Adobe Experience Manager plays an important role in our content creation and publication workflow by allowing journalists to publish once and then automatically deliver their stories at scale with consistency across all channels”

Chris Taylor

CIO at Telegraph Media Group

Supporting new businesses and opportunities

Telegraph Media Group turned to Adobe for its strong heritage in media and publishing, adopting a large Adobe Experience Cloud footprint to support all of its digital efforts, from content creation and delivery through to consumption. Adobe Experience Cloud also supports Telegraph Media Group’s efforts to diversify its business through Telegraph Travel and Telegraph Financial Services.

With digital platforms constantly changing and evolving, Telegraph Media Group wanted expert help to better identify and capitalise on business opportunities. Adobe Customer Solutions works closely with the organisation to uncover customer insights and maximise its return on investment. Consultants work alongside Telegraph Media Group as needed, acting as a virtual extension of internal teams to provide expert advice when tackling complex projects.

Committed to news quality and access

Every day, more than 350 journalists from around the world publish 250 new articles and amend, adjust or update another 200 stories for The Telegraph. In the case of breaking news, from a royal wedding to a terrorist attack, readers expect instant updates with the latest information.

The flexibility of Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud helps The Telegraph publish content quickly. All published content is stored in Adobe Experience Manager Assets. From this central content repository, content can be pushed into print, apps, social media and all other platforms through rich APIs. Adobe Experience Manager Sites uses responsive design to create websites that look great on both desktop and mobile devices without needing to manage two separate sites.

“News happens fast and by encouraging journalists to take ownership of their stories and self-publish, we can deliver more compelling content to our readers as soon as it happens,” says Taylor. “Adobe Experience Manager plays an important role in our content creation and publication workflow by allowing journalists to publish once and then automatically deliver their stories at scale with consistency across all channels.”

Reaching readers across new platforms

Adobe Experience Manager is the core of the publishing workflow at The Telegraph. With hundreds of journalists updating content from around the world, the organisation required a solution that was scalable, reliable and easy to use. Working with Adobe Customer Solutions, The Telegraph consolidated and migrated to the cloud, freeing up valuable internal IT resources. With Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud, The Telegraph no longer needs to worry about managing infrastructure and maintaining the solution.

“By consolidating multiple instances through Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services, we can focus on our core business of publishing content rather than running applications,” says Taylor. “Our developers have more time to explore expanding our footprint to new and emerging digital platforms, such as home automation systems and virtual assistants, so that we can continue to reach audiences wherever they want to hear from us.”

Connecting with millions of individual readers

Adobe Experience Cloud solutions work together to provide a 360-degree view of customers, which helps Telegraph Media Group better connect with customers. Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, delivers real-time analytics that enable The Telegraph to understand how readers interact with its content. This means understanding what articles are popular, but also what types of recommendations, page layouts and offers readers really respond to. With analytics to support its decisions, the company can confidently inform its content strategy and optimise digital experiences by audience.

Adobe Analytics data feeds into Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to segment readers by known interests and behaviours to deliver more relevant content. Adobe Campaign delivers emails that highlight relevant content and promotions, but also works with advertisers to help target ads and generate more revenue for advertisers.

Telegraph Media Group also uses Adobe Audience Manager, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, to build cross-channel audience profiles that can support all lines of business. By bringing together all audience information into one location, The Telegraph can gain a deeper understanding of customers. For instance, if someone is a devoted reader of all travel articles on The Telegraph, Adobe Audience Manager will categorise the reader as a traveller as part of his or her profile. Telegraph Media Group then knows to display a banner ad for luxury luggage for instance, when the reader is browsing Telegraph Media Group web properties.

“Between the new registration model and Adobe Experience Cloud, we have tripled our daily acquisition rate for registrations”

Chris Taylor

CIO at Telegraph Media Group

Encouraging loyalty with registered readers

Rather than just pursuing subscribers, The Telegraph has shifted its digital engagement strategy toward encouraging readers to register. Registered readers are much more likely to continue reading further, purchase a subscription or interact with one of Telegraph Media Group’s e-commerce businesses. In addition, registration allows Telegraph Media Group to better understand readers and their interests and browsing habits, which leads to greater customer intelligence and personalisation.

By feeding audience information from Adobe Audience Manager into Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Telegraph Media Group can target digital offers and experiences to create a one-on-one engagement with readers. The Telegraph currently has a goal of 10 million active and engaged registered users. Adobe Target plays a big role in increasing registrations by customising The Telegraph for non-registered viewers. The website may show half of a premium article and then ask a reader to register to continue reading or it might display a large red button inviting invested readers to register before commenting.

“We were looking at ways to invigorate digital subscriptions when we hit upon the idea of focusing on registrations first,” says Taylor. “The intelligence and personalisation capabilities of Adobe Audience Manager contribute significantly to our new registration strategy. Between the new registration model and Adobe Experience Cloud, we have tripled our daily acquisition rate for registrations.”

Once readers are registered, Telegraph Media Group can learn about them in even greater detail and use this information to further personalise experiences. For example, previously when readers hit the paywall limit for articles in The Telegraph, all readers would see the same standard message about purchasing a subscription. Now, Adobe Target looks at the consumption patterns and audience data to select the best offer for each individual reader from a pool of offers. Some readers might see an offer for a gift or a six-month discount. Other readers might see information about day passes rather than an annual subscription.

Telegraph Media Group continues to work with Adobe Customer Solutions to better use the Adobe Experience Cloud integrations and present articles in more interesting and unique ways. For example, Adobe Customer Solutions is working on ways to make it easier for journalists to create very customised, one-off designs for articles or better leverage the broader Adobe toolset to allow Telegraph Media Group to accomplish more through its digital channels.

“We want to be thoughtful and considerate about how we use customer data and promote our business lines,” says Taylor. “Adobe Experience Cloud solutions work together to give us the customer intelligence to provide audiences with the relevant offers and information they want. The result is a fantastic digital experience that helps The Telegraph push the standard for quality journalism in the digital age.”

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