User-generated Content

Speed up content creation and keep your website fresh by importing user-generated content (UGC) from social media channels. Update UGC manually or create moderation rules to publish an ongoing stream of authentic, high-quality information.

Get more content, without more work.

Billions of pieces of social content are created every day and some of it is by your customers about your brand. Good user-generated content can increase your brand relevancy, which can result in more time spent on your site. And it can reduce your burden of continuously creating new content. Yet capturing it, determining what you want to use, getting permission to use it and publishing it can be a daunting task.

With Adobe Experience Manager, you can find content that your users trust, decide which pieces you want to use, then import it directly to Sites — saving you time while serving more engaging experiences to your customers.

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Source UGC in real time
Search your favourite social channels to find fresh, relevant content quickly and efficiently.

Drag and drop right onto your site
Quickly add UGC visualisations — including Media Walls, Filmstrips and Carousels — and engagement experiences like Comments, Reviews and Polls. Each one is quick to launch, can be customised for any use case and is responsive across all devices.

Publish quickly and efficiently
Add real-time, authentic content and speed up content creation by importing UGC into the visualisation experience on your site.

Keep content fresh
Once visualisations are in place on your site, you can update UGC manually or create moderation rules to publish an ongoing stream of authentic, high-quality information.

Simplify rights requests
With a built-in rights request workflow, you can confidently obtain usage rights and reduce legal concerns around working with UGC.

Learn more about user-generated content (UGC) in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Get started with user-generated content. 

Read how to build a fully working app that handles authentication, social sharing and event tracking in our Help section.

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Discover the power of UGC.

See how you can increase your content velocity and connect more deeply with your customers by using curated UGC.

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