Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace

Data science is hard. We make it easier.

One of the most difficult things about data is gleaning meaningful insights from it. Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace makes managing workflow and insights easier. With Adobe Sensei machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can unleash insights from your data — and unlock incredible experiences.

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Simplify the science behind data.
Shorten the time from data to insights by streamlining the entire data science workflow, from gathering data to authoring models to deploying intelligent services.

Redefine personalisation with AI.
Embrace AI-driven optimisation in Adobe Experience Platform and take advantage of machine learning in Adobe Sensei to deliver consistent personalised experiences at scale.

Drive your business with valuable experiences.
Build brand loyalty by using Adobe data science to deliver contextual experiences that spark meaningful conversations with your customers.


Data Science Workspace Features

Insights are the key to personalised experiences.

Uncovering valuable insights in your data is and adapting workflow to incorporate them is an extensive process that can take a long time. Data Science Workspace helps you to shorten that time. Take advantage of all the benefits of Adobe Sensei technology with sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to quickly develop, train and tune machine learning models. Easily create intelligent services and surface the insights and predictions in Adobe products like Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager, so you can automate personalised, targeted digital experiences in web, desktop and mobile apps. Plus, accelerate and simplify the process of finding insights in omnichannel data and applying them to digital experiences back across those channels using Adobe data science.

One-Stop Data Access
Explore all your organisational data stored in Adobe Experience Platform at once, along with big data and deep-learning libraries like Spark ML and TensorFlow. You can also ingest your own datasets via Experience Data Models (XDM).
Data Exploration
Get from data to insights more quickly by accessing all your cross-channel data, cleaning it and transforming it to create contextual features that can power AI models. Ingest new data or use existing features to help you with data preparation.
Take advantage of prebuilt machine-learning recipes for common business needs like propensity and recommendations. Or choose between building customised recipes from scratch using open-source technologies like Python, R and more or importing your own recipes.
Experiment flexibly by using recipes to create as many instances as you need, training and scoring each one as many times as you want. As you train them, everything is tracked automatically so you don’t have to.
Create and schedule intelligent services without IT, then Publish them to Adobe I/O as a private API for your team or your partners. Automate periodic training and scoring of these services according to your own schedule using an intuitive UI.
Continuous Improvement
Evaluate intelligent service accuracy and retrain your recipes as needed to improve performance, resulting in continuous optimisation.
We protect your data with security processes and controls developed to help us comply with industry-accepted standards, regulations and certifications.

Adobe Sensei provides continuous intelligence for Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer for Adobe Experience Platform. By automating mundane or repetitive tasks and understanding and predicting customer data, Adobe Sensei provides ongoing intelligence that enhances your ability through Adobe Experience Platform to power real-time, personalised customer experiences.

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