AI personalisation and recommendations

Deliver a highly personalised learning experience to users based on their profile, learning preferences and more with always-relevant, always updating courses powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


A perfectly curated curriculum.

We all know the agony of sitting through an “all hands” seminar that only provides value to one department. Or the frustration of searching for tips on getting the most out a new product, only to be served outdated information that applies to an older version. Reducing barriers to learning relevant skills requires an intelligent system that expertly balances the users’ interests and the organisation’s goals.

Adobe Learning Manager uses AI-powered recommendations to deliver relevant learning experiences to each user. Using a configurable interface, admins can customise a preferred home page layout. From there, AI and machine learning take over to create a unique learning experience for each user, ensuring that engaging, valuable courses are always front and centre. | Adobe


See what makes this feature work.

System recommended training widget

  • Make suggested learning programmes accessible to users on their personalised home page with the help of AI.

AI-based training recommendations

  • Make course recommendations based on employee traits from other enterprise HR systems, lookalike traits pulled from an extensive resume and skills database and explicit interests gathered from user input.

Personalised learner home page

  • Give learners an overview of completed, pending and recommended courses, with their badges and other milestones.

Gamification widget

  • Remind your learners how far they’ve progressed through their courses with a gamified performance tracker that encourages continual engagement.

Admin recommended training widget

  • Recommend courses and skills that align with your organisation’s overall goals and values for a perfectly curated experience.

Calendar widget

  • Learners can effortlessly keep track of upcoming training sessions and other learning activities.

Customisable widget branding

  • Create a seamless branded experience for users with widgets that can be customised to match your organisation’s guidelines.

Peer recommended training widget

  • Learners can browse a feed of the most popular courses amongst their peers, letting them keep up with what’s trending. Admins, too, can see what’s trending and add recommended courses to the feed.

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