Workflow management

From strategy to delivery, Workfront connects and streamlines your end-to-end workflow with automations, customisable templates, integrated applications and real-time visibility, so you can deliver more efficiently.


Simplify work — from start to finish.

A lot happens between intake and delivery for every project — kickoffs, meetings, emails … more meetings. With so many moving parts, manual processes and multiple applications, it’s easy for work to get bogged down. It’s also difficult for teams to stay focused on getting projects over the finish line.

Workflow management tools from Adobe Workfront streamline the entire process. Project plan templates and standardised status sheets eliminate emails. Calendars auto populate and integrations connect your business applications to speed work. Workfront also has out-of-the-box support for various work methodologies, including agile practices, as well as more traditional project management approaches. All this from a central dashboard that gives everyone from marketing and creative teams to IT and HR more visibility into projects, the ability to easily collaborate online and reduces the use of time consuming emails and spreadsheets.


See what makes it work.

Task automations
Decisioning dashboards automatically assigns tasks and populate calendars based on resource availability and project due dates.

Online proofing and approvals
Reduce rework and simplify version control with online proofing tools that let stakeholders directly comment and approve in the same file creatives are working in.

Smart analytics and reporting
Smart analytics connect data to work so you can see how projects perform, make changes to mitigate risk and improve business outcomes, all in real time.

Responsive planning
Real-time updates and iterative planning tools let you easily adjust plans to changing priorities, data or market forces.

Strategic team alignment
Resource allocation and alignment tools help you to prioritise work to increase productivity, reduce added costs and get to market sooner.

Automated system integrations
Customer integrations connect systems of records and other business applications, allowing data to flow between them, keeping all systems up to date.

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Deliver great work faster.

Our guide, How to run enterprise CPG like a startup, shows how to align your teams to reduce rework, meet expectations and get to market faster — all while reducing costs.

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Make the best use of your resources.

Intuitive resource management lets you distinguish between work in progress and incoming demand — so you can use your resources more effectively.

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