Navitas opens up new possibilities for students with Adobe Experience Cloud

In today’s global, interconnected economy, students need the education and skills to compete and succeed — from understanding diverse people and cultures to navigating borders and gaining English language fluency. Navitas, an Australia-based company with a track record for providing innovative educational programs, has partnered with global universities to help international and domestic learners, who may not otherwise be able to access post-secondary education, transform their lives through education. Today, Navitas University Partnerships is helping 30 universities in Australia, Europe, North America, and beyond raise their global profiles and grow strong, diverse student populations.

As an early adopter of Adobe Marketo Engage 10 years ago, Navitas long valued marketing and sales digital excellence. Student enrollment journeys are rather lengthy — typically 18 months from lead to enrollment for international students. Using Adobe Marketo Engage for long-tail nurturing for students and education agents who help students navigate visa and academic applications, has driven the most success to date.

“We have a large volume of students who are exploring programs with us at any time. Adobe Marketo Engage has helped us stay engaged with them over their long decision-making processes,” says Paul Lovegrove, chief operating officer at Navitas.

Creating a better learning experience

Success with Adobe Marketo Engage led to a detailed review of its customers’ digital experiences. What Navitas discovered was that it could improve its digital properties to meet the needs of both students and partners. That discovery, and the COVID accelerated shift to a highly flexible learning model, led the organization to add Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager as a managed service to its digital transformation toolbox. With more integrated, centralised applications for its global teams, Navitas will be able to offer students much more personalised experiences from when they first start looking into Navitas programs through to the time they graduate.

With everyone working with the same Adobe Experience Cloud applications — including designers, web teams, and marketers working on campaigns — Navitas will drive efficiencies even further. For example, instead of designers in different regions struggling to access and share large files, teams will gain consolidated asset management and easier file sharing with the help of Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

Navitas is also looking forward to creating more straightforward customer journeys for students by replacing three different content management systems with Adobe Experience Manager Sites. In addition to improving the research and enquiry journey for students, the new websites will provide the Navitas team with a more comprehensive view of prospective students.

Digital transformation will only strengthen the relationships Navitas built with its university partners. Some partnerships date to the company’s founding, including Edith Cowan University in Perth, which is still active with Navitas after 25 years. An added benefit of Navitas transforming its digital experience is that many university partners also use Adobe Experience Cloud applications, resulting in additional Navitas and partner synergies that will deliver a better experience for students.

Eliminating data silos leads to informed decision-making

With its focus on transforming people’s lives by providing access to excellent educational experiences, one of Navitas’ priorities is to create a data-driven culture. As data becomes increasingly important for decision-making, Adobe Analytics will help Navitas — and students — succeed.

“Adobe Analytics will help us make more informed decisions about how best to improve students’ journeys as they navigate what can be a very complex process,” says Lovegrove.

Replacing fractured systems with a more unified approach to analysing, creating, and delivering digital experiences will be doubly important as Navitas looks to serve more English as a second language (ESL) students with its pathways programs, which provide the unique services that international students need to succeed. Adobe Experience Manager supports multilingual asset management, so that Navitas can provide relevant, quality information to diverse students around the globe. “The ability to provide ESL students with details on how we can support them throughout their first year in more easily consumable ways is a huge benefit,” Lovegrove says.

Whether students are domestic or ESL students coming from another country, Navitas is committed to providing a supportive, friendly, and easier-to-navigate student journey, starting with the website and extending throughout their tertiary educational journey.

Refining the educational journey

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced Navitas to further refine its approach to digital marketing and content creation. As the pandemic borders begin to re-open, Navitas offers more flexible options than before. “During COVID, it was a digital campus with exclusive online delivery of classes,” Lovegrove says. “That’s evolved into flexible delivery. Students can now learn how and where they choose, whether that’s online or face-to-face at a college or university.”

“Adobe offers the ability for us to personalise every step of a student’s journey, from the second they arrive on our website through to their graduation,” Lovegrove says. “Supporting a richer, more tailored educational journey is fundamental to Navitas’ DNA. Adobe Experience Cloud applications enable us to do that in a modern, digital way.”