Go from manual to modern with automated onboarding at scale.

Automated onboarding is all about making it fast and easy to enrol customers. Instead of manually transferring data or using pen and paper systems, you can automatically integrate your forms data with your back-end tools and use workflows to track and monitor the e-sign and approval process and you can do it all at scale.

Data accuracy is essential, but so is speed.

Digital transformation is happening across the globe, but too many businesses still have behind-the-scenes, manual processes when it comes to managing their forms and enrolment documents. A combination of paper and digital forms, systems that don’t integrate and complications caused by legally-binding signatures — sometimes more than one — creates logjams in your workflows and slows onboarding approvals. This is a not an ideal customer experience.

Whether you’re already using digital forms or not, it’s time to automate your onboarding processes from beginning to end so you can avoid the time-consuming, error-prone, paper-to-digital processes like rekeying data. Automation can also let you securely and compliantly capture all data, including e-signatures and integrate it into your back-end systems and reporting tools.

Adobe can help.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, data collected from your online forms automatically integrates into your back-end systems and reporting tools. The cloud-based infrastructure means that even off-line data collected digitally by employees in the field can be captured and distributed to the right systems once they are back online. It also means faster processing, secure data transfers, document backup and recovery and automated updates at a global scale.

Direct integration with the advanced e-sign tools of Adobe Sign automate signature collection as well. Whether you need one or many, Sign sets workflows to capture customer signatures and approvers in the right order, keeping everything legal and compliant.

Automation not only saves you time, it reduces errors, helps ensure compliance and security — and all that makes for an ideal customer on experience.

“It’s not about making inefficient business processes more tolerable through automation. It’s about fundamentally optimising our processes.”

Ralf Weller, Head of the University Computing Centre, HTW Berlin

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