Adobe Experience Platform Auditor

Scan. Learn. Improve. Repeat.

Audits don’t need to be scary. With Adobe Experience Platform Auditor, make them insightful, helpful and maybe even a little fun. Scan and audit your pages and get recommendations on how to improve your Adobe implementations. So you can get the most out of your investment and create the very best experiences.



Scan your pages completely.
Scan up to 500 pages at once to inspect your Adobe implementations, while including or excluding pages as needed.

See how your implementations are working.
Generate reports that score your Adobe implementations based on tag presence, configuration and consistency.

Enhance your pages with detailed direction.
Make your implementations work better for you by aligning them to recommendations you receive from reports.

Communities deliver more value. Every time.

Adobe Experience Platform Auditor was co-developed with ObservePoint and is the first partner-built product on Adobe Experience Platform. As more and more partners build on Adobe Experience Platform, customers get more value.

Experience Platform Auditor Features

Finally, an audit that actually helps.

Maintaining intricate implementations throughout your website can be a heavy burden, especially when your site is constantly changing. Experience Platform Auditor makes it easier to manage, helping you to see what’s working, what’s not and what can be improved. Take a look at these features and see how Experience Platform Auditor can help you to enhance your sites.

Read the 5 Adobe Experience Platform Auditor tips and tricks to learn how to evaluate and optimise your implementations.

Audits report which URLs were scanned and issues on those webpages, including configuration, tag consistency and tag presence.

Reports outline which implementations can be improved and which are working well, marking them as "highly recommended," "recommended," or "passed".

You can run as many audits as you’d like, as often as you’d like and you scan up to 100 pages during an audit.

Benefit from rigorous tests written by experts and have confidence that your implementations are done right.

Once an audit report is ready, you can quickly download that report as a PDF for easy and rapid sharing.

Know whether or not you’re using the latest and most valuable technology.

When you’re an Adobe Experience Cloud customer, you can enjoy Experience Platform Auditor free of charge as part of your subscription.

Resources for Experience Platform Auditor


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