Server-side optimisation

Use the Adobe Target server-side API to run your testing and personalisation on the server side or run your client-side javascript code on our node.js environment. All powered by the single-delivery platform.

Success starts on the server side.

Now more than ever, the optimisation landscape offers freedom, flexibility and unparalleled opportunity — if you have the tools and resources to get the job done. But this kind of flexibility shouldn’t be reserved just for marketers.

We’ve developed Adobe Target with not only marketers but developers and product managers in mind. This really shows with our server-side optimisation platform. Developers gain unparalleled flexibility — including full control over the entire personalisation process — with our delivery API, which allows you to initialise Adobe Target in any environment or platform.

At the same time, with server-side optimisation, product managers can test all sorts of things they never could on a client-side solution — things that go way beyond the marketing use case — including product features like infinite scroll on a search results page, a different video player, different configurations of a shopping trolley experience or applications that don’t support JavaScript. And with our node.js environment, marketers can still run client-side, WYSIWYG testing and because it all is happening in a single delivery platform, all your findings come together to make for the best experience — both for you and your customers.

See what makes it work.

Personalise cross-channel experiences
Reach beyond the web to personalise your customers’ cross-channel experiences. With Adobe Target’s server-side testing, easily scale to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Agile optimisation
Don’t settle for a few SDKs for some cherry-picked technologies. Our server-side API gives you full control over the personalisation process in any environment, all while ensuring security, support and compliance. 

A hybrid approach to testing
Using our node.js SDK, you can still easily implement and run client-side tests on your node.js applications, while taking advantage of cutting-edge optimisation advancements.

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Optimise back-end services.

Learn more about how developers can work with Adobe Target in any environment for any application in our developer guide.

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Go beyond JavaScript.

Discover how server-side testing is ideal for devices that don’t support JavaScript — including smart TVs, gaming consoles, set top boxes and IoT devices — in this article on our blog.

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