People-based targeting just got easier

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Nine Audience Match, powered by Adobe, allows your organisation to use your first party data to accurately target customers across 9Now, delivering personalised experiences on the main screen in the living room. It gives you the power to reach known customers within highly relevant content, allowing you to do more with your customer data, faster. It’s all available from inside your Adobe Audience Manager interface when you license the People Based Destinations add-on. 


Know your customers 

Audience Match helps your organisation match your customer data against 9Now’s audience of 9 million+ registered users. Now every ad impression is linked back to a known person, so you can deliver meaningful experiences that resonate with each customer. 


Stay secure 

Even with automated refresh of shared audiences through to Nine’s Adobe Audience Manager  account daily, no hashed emails are ever shared with Nine, so you don’t need a separate Audience Match data share legal agreement. You can take advantage of the efficiency, knowing your customer’s data is secure. 


Simplify workflows 

Previously, managing your people-based targeting across all channels meant manual effort, uploading custom audiences once a week, or once a month. People Based Destinations lets you send customer data to all platforms more frequently so you can activate across channels with the same segmentations and full governance and export controls, within the interface of Adobe Audience Manager. 


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