Creating Epic Customer Experiences

Whether technologically or socially, there is no denying that the business landscape is moving fast. Within this change lies opportunity – but as it stands, B2B marketers are feeling the pain. Over half say that building awareness is harder than it used to be, and believe that converting leads to customers has become trickier. Clearly, buyer behaviours have changed. But why exactly has this happened – and what are buyers looking for now?

We partnered with Loudhouse to survey buyers and marketers across Europe to explore:

  • What attracts a buyer to a brand?
  • What matters most when it is time to make a decision? What sort of experiences do customers need to fall in love with a supplier? Do these experiences align with what marketers are trying to deliver?
  • What can businesses do to ensure they attract, convert, and retain the customers they seek?

We surveyed 910 B2B buyers and interviewed 305 marketing professionals with varying levels of seniority across the UK, Germany, and France.

This report will explore why it is key to:

  1. Understand that there is a new hierarchy of buyer needs emerging that goes beyond what we focus on today
  2. Understand where and how to apply the new hierarchy of B2B buyer needs in the purchase process
  3. Take into account the generational shift that is impacting the buying process and why every experience needs to be epic

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