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Discover why organizations are embracing e-signatures 

In a year where disruption has defined life, systems and processes have gone digital, changing the way we work forever. The shift to digital has emphasized the importance of secure, fast, and reliable options, which has seen 60% of organizations adopt e-signatures as a critical tool supporting their organization’s business resiliency. 

In the latest Forrester report commissioned by Adobe, the rise of e-signatures is a key focus. Discover how organizations all over the world have shifted from believing e-signatures are best practice, to embracing them as a business necessity. 

In Digital Document Processes in 2020: A Spotlight on e-Signatures, you’ll explore: 

  • The new opportunities organizations are unlocking with e-signatures. 
  • Why organizations are changing how they perceive and deploy e-signatures.
  • Which regions, industries, and company sizes are leading the adoption of e-signatures. 


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