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Just imagine streamlining hundreds of websites into one.

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Hear how Tourism Australia partners with Adobe to inspire travellers to choose Australia as their next destination. 

Tourism Australia has a proud and a long standing partnership with Adobe. From re-platforming 130 websites into a single consumer-facing national brand site, to leveraging the full Adobe suite of applications to power the Crocodile Dundee Superbowl campaign.

According to John O’Sullivan CEO Tourism Australia, “technology for us is about simplification for the consumer and making it as easy as we possibly can, to find what they’re looking for and actually plan and book their holiday to Australia”.

Benefits have included: 

  • Improving content management, which increased site traffic and improved engagement for over 8 million visitors to Australia.
  • Automating the process of finding, moderating, storing and optimising content.
  • Gaining a better understand the consumer journey and being able to deliver personalised experiences. 

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