Personalisation at scale is an important marketing trend in 2021

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Personalisation at scale is an important marketing trend in 2021, as competition in the digital economy is heating up. Marketers sure have their hands full in 2021 as we (hopefully) begin to come out of the pandemic.

There’s no doubt that the marketing and customer experience landscape will continue to evolve and there is still uncertainty around just how much change to expect.

  • A move to first-party data, consent and identity resolution to build consumer trust and thrive in a cookieless world
  • Doubling down on digital transformation, with an emphasis on people, and shorter paths to value for technology investments
  •  Building content marketing agility to feed a non-linear and always evolving digital customer journey
  • A greater percentage of advertising budgets will be moving to digital in 2021, with more ads that focus on responsibilit
  • No time to rest in 2021: Digital marketing trends aplenty


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