Hey Westpac, need a simple solution to consolidate your position as the market leader?

Don’t let the challenges of the digital economy get the better of Australia’s first bank and oldest company. Discover the perfect digital platform to manage risk and meet ever-changing customer expectations.

“The foundation of digital business is trust. Personal experiences are a trust multiplier for your customers.

Trust rises with good personalisation and falls with bad. Making experiences personal and personally valuable builds trust, brand loyalty and strong revenue for those businesses who do it well.”
— Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President & CEO at Adobe

What’s next for Westpac in the digital economy?

Australia’s first bank needs a robust and secure platform to build and deliver content that your customers can trust. The Adobe Experience Platform brings experience and security to the table to create powerful financial service shopping experiences that are in sync with your customer’s needs. Discover how Adobe can support you to transform Westpac customer data into robust profiles with AI-driven insights that will improve your bottom line through personalising every activity on every channel – at scale and in real-time. 


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Simpler, stronger content restores value and trust with customers during times of rapid digital transformation.

Understanding your customer is key to success. Collect data in real time and consolidate it within our platform to build out powerful customer profiles that allow you to spend less time making sense of data and more time creating customer-first experiences that serve the banking needs of your customers.

“34% of APAC executives said that using real-time customer data is a top priority for their company to proactively help customers by intelligently delivering safe, personal experiences of value. ”

— Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC

Make your data work harder. Data transparency and managing risk.

Simplify the complexity of your data management and activation, especially when it comes to crucial issues like privacy and governance. Adobe Experience Platform gives you the power to combine both authenticated and anonymous data – without sacrificing customer privacy. Classify, manage and enforce how your data should be used across the enterprise — so you can use data more responsibly and build customer trust.


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Hello Westpac, meet your unfair advantage.

The entire Adobe account team are here to support you to fix, simplify and perform in today’s digital economy. So, why not challenge our dedicated team of specialists to help you create great experiences that inspire and support your customers, and help transform the way Westpac does digital business?