Data as your foundation: Building a robust customer profile.

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Every marketer dreams of perfecting the single view of the customer. Having the power to deeply understand your customers in real time is essential to engaging with them effectively and anticipating their needs to deliver the right experience every time. The key to achieving this lies in strong data foundations and organisations investing in a comprehensive and unified data strategy. 

Why attend this webinar?

View this Adobe Online Event to understand more about how you can use data as your foundation to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers across every channel. Throughout this event, you will explore: 

• The crucial considerations you need to make while creating your data strategy.
• Essential tools that will help you to collect data effectively and securely.
• Challenges & learnings around building customer profiles when data is stored in multiple systems.
• How to store data to prioritise security.
• Orchestration of customer journeys based on your customer needs

You’ll also hear from your peers as they share their journey to creating effective customer profiles and the learnings they’ve discovered along the way.

Intended audience:

IT Decision Makers and Practitioners


Ben Kennedy

Adobe Host: Gabbi Stubbs
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APAC

Mitchell Mackey

David Goodes
Manager, Marketing Automation Capability and Data

Mitchell Mackey

Adam King
Chief Audience | Consumer | Commerce | Data Officer

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