Paul Murphy: Blind Ambition an Australian Editors' tale



Join Adobe for an exciting virtual webinar with Tribeca Film Festival award winning editor Paul Murphy, (Blind Ambition, Chocolate Oyster, Beast, Aussie Rules the World, Red Obsession) sharing his journey to becoming a globally recognized long-form video editor.

Learn about his early ambitions to carve out a career in the industry and his 20 years of experience to manage his long-form workflows in Premiere Pro for reliability and creative flexibility.

Paul has consulted for global brands such as Bloomberg, Viacom CBS, HBO, Vice, Fox News and LinkedIn Learning, co-authored ‘The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro’ and is known as ‘The Premiere Pro’ on YouTube.




Paul Murphy

Feature Editor

Paul Murphy edits award-winning films and documentaries and was one of the earliest editors to adopt Premiere Pro for long-form editing.

With 20 years’ experience using Adobe products in post-production, he has consulted for companies including Bloomberg, Viacom CBS, HBO, Vice and Fox News. He is a trainer for LinkedIn Learning and co-authored the book 'The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro'.

His YouTube channel, The Premiere Pro, provides expert training for editors and animators who want to hone their skills and expand their software knowledge.