Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network

A single gateway edge server for multiple data transfers.

Streamline and accelerate data transfers to and from edge servers with Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, a solution-agnostic data network that lets you not only send multiple requests but receive results from multiple servers — all in one response.

Adobe Edge Network benefits

Easier implementation.
Set up Adobe Experience Cloud, turn on the features you want and Experience Platform Edge Network takes care of the data transfers — no implementation changes on your end.

Cut page load times.
Use a single implementation for all your applications that go to a single edge network, freeing up resources for productive projects.

Eliminate integrations.
Trust in a single data interface and shared edge platform services to help you streamline all your multi-solution situations.

Dynamic innovation.
Tap into a shared services framework to access faster development and deeper innovations, so you can add features when you need to.

Stand out from the competition.
Tie Adobe Edge Network into the entire Experience Cloud ecosystem to get the most powerful integrations and capabilities possible.


Edge server data infrastructure consolidation

One implementation for all products

Marketing services today aren’t that efficient due to multiple tags, implementations, servers and data lakes that take too long to communicate. And if you can’t collect data, you can’t use it and business grinds to a halt. Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network consolidates the whole strategy into a single implementation that works across products — so you get data you can use faster than ever.

Common DNS
Move existing solutions to a common DNS provider for more consistent end-user routeing.
Centralised data
Consolidate and co-locate edge data collection services in a common data centre in each region.
Load balancing
Use a new set of cloud-based load balancers to handle multiple domains and SSL certificates.

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK

Multiple channels
Create multiple channels for the same SDK via Experience Platform Launch, even if they don’t use all the tag management services.
Create a net-new unified JavaScript library for Adobe.
Use the current mobile SDK and make changes as needed for Experience Platform Edge Network endpoints.
Server side
Create a net-new SDK for server-to-server data ingestion.
Internet of Things
Create a net-new SDK for IoT devices.
Unified data interface
Use a consistent and dependable API for Experience Cloud and Experience Platform data ingestion.

A single SDK for all your needs.

Experience Platform Edge Network provides a single, optimised gateway for data requests across Adobe Experience Cloud. This means that all you need to do is just deploy our Experience Platform Web SDK to access server-side services that let you send a single request and receive multiple responses in no time.


Solution-facing services

Flexibility for faster service

Experience Platform Edge Network is built to streamline all processes, including services on the solution side. By using future-proof data consistency made possible by Experience Data Model (XDM), Experience Platform Edge Network can quickly forward data requests to both third-party and Experience Cloud products. So you get fast responses and collection events get logged in Platform.

Pluggable framework
Add and execute services in a low-latency, real-time programmable edge.
Common gateways
Use common gateways for application routeing logic.
Shared services
Use shared services on the edge for common needs. For example, services like ID service, IP to geolocation, device-type classification and more.
Routeing layer
Direct requests to the appropriate services or applications based on your product configuration.
Orchestration layer
Decide which calls to make to solutions or services and which responses to wait for based on client context.