Content and media recommendations

Recommend content for your subscribers based on what others are viewing and what’s trending to provide an engaging experience for your visitors and lengthen their time spent on your site.

Deliver what they want before they know they want it.

Whether it’s an anonymous user or someone who looks familiar, sometimes it’s hard to deliver spot-on experiences given the endless data points, conflicting behaviours and cross-platform engagement. The end result is, often, less than optimal customer experiences that impact actions taken and, ultimately, conversions. But by getting ahead of users’ expressed wants and needs, you can show that you’re completely in-step — and exactly the brand experience they’re looking for.

The content and media recommendation engine in Adobe Target is the same that powers our product recommendations, so you have the same level of control. Make rules to modify our already-powerful algorithms to guide how they work or even override them for special promotions. Run tests to see which work best for your customers.

Then, take control of the output. No more awkward recommendation templates that don’t match your site. With Adobe Target, you can customise your recommendations so they match any experience in any channel perfectly. And you can change them in real-time. With product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling are a breeze.

With content and media recommendations in Adobe Target, you can tap into what others are doing, experiencing and consuming, plus what’s trending and more. This makes it easy to offer relevant content, which keeps your visitors more engaged and leads to more views and more time spent with your brand.

See what makes it work.

Intelligent algorithms
No black box here. Use powerful AI-driven algorithms — to which you have complete access to modify with robust business rules —  to cross-sell and upsell recommendations across screens. All powered by Adobe Sensei.

Marketer control
Promote, demote, weight and filter recommendations from an intuitive interface. And you can do it without help from IT.

Built-in A/B testing
Continually monitor recommendation results. View visits, clicks and purchases with conversion lift data through the reporting interface.

Design that fits your brand
Wherever recommendations appear, you can use customisable templates to align them with your brand’s look and feel.

Flexible catalogue
Import millions of articles, videos and more into a scalable, searchable catalogue index.

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Product recommendations

Use powerful AI-driven algorithms and a flexible design framework to automatically to promote, weight and filter product recommendations throughout the customer journey, all from an intuitive interface without help from IT.

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