Location-based personalisation

Target customers according to both macro- and micro-location by delivering content relevant to their general as well as specific location, all in real time.

Redefining “right time, right place.”

Your customers are constantly on the move. But, sending relevant location-based offers is difficult, to say the least — especially when customers are switching from mobile to IoT devices to other devices multiple times a day, in several locations. The challenge is ensuring you can keep pace with their on-the-go lifestyle.

Location-based personalisation in Adobe Target helps you to get to know where your customers are and tailor relevant offers and experiences around them. Use macro-location details provided by your customers — such as time zone, POSTCODE or even latitude and longitude co-ordinates — coupled with other visitor data to deliver offers in their general location. Dive deeper into micro-location by auto-detecting current location via GPS and use Target to deliver geo-targeted experiences based on your customer’s proximity to locations set by you. And when you do all this just right with Target, your customers will be thrilled — and your conversions will be huge.

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Proximity targeting
Using latitude and longitude, set up points of interest and geo-fences to trigger and deliver relevant and timely offers where proximity can really help engage and convert, such as a customer approaching a local coffee shop and receiving loyalty offers. Use those same points to target proximity frequency, when customers pass by a point several times a day, so you can send special offers as they’re walking by. And when you want to keep them away from the competition, send offers at the exact moment a customer walks by a competitor.

Testing for location-based personalisation
Target’s three-step workflow enables you to set up an activity (A/B testing, rules-based personalisation and recommendations) for localised experiences  to further enrich your targeting efforts.

Tailored experiences
Automatically score location data on its predictive value as part of the visitor profile to tailor an experience when location really matters to conversion.

Personalisation anywhere
Trigger location-based personalisation based on IP address, POSTCODE, GPS location, proximity to points of interest and more.

Built-in convenience
Take advantage of location as an out-of-the-box profile attribute that can be used for audience and segment creation, as well as testing and targeting activities.

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Get to know geo-targeting.

Visit our Adobe Target help page to learn more about targeting customers based on their location.

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Creating audiences.

Watch our tutorial to learn how to create audiences in Adobe Target.

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