Liberty Mutual insures a more creative business.

The Fortune 100 company turns to Adobe Workfront and Creative Cloud to boost its brand image and promote premium results through digital technology.



45,000+ employees worldwide

Boston, Massachusetts.

Creative efficiencies

through automation and improved workflows.


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Build a framework that supports collaboration and creative work, including who is overloaded and who has the bandwidth to handle priorities.

Identify the most critical priorities and components for projects and campaigns.

Provide insight into tracking and managing projects—and various assets—across their lifecycle.

Build a framework that supports organizational metrics and KPIs.

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Workfront automates processes and provides improved visibility into projects, thus allowing creative teams to work smarter and better.

Creative leaders know that people are working on the most important items. This insourcing approach promotes efficient and productive work, thus saving the firm several million dollars a year.

The CMO, other business leaders and individual contributors can see what’s on schedule, what’s delayed and where bottlenecks exist in the creative pipeline.

Executives and business managers now have dashboards that demonstrate progress, priorities, and success.

The insurance industry has always been a labor-intensive business. Complex formulas, large volumes of paperwork and hands-on processes are normal. Yet the insurance industry is changing with the times. Liberty Mutual Insurance, a company that’s been around for more than a century and currently ranks number 77 on the Fortune 100, is steadfastly focused on improving customer touchpoints and interactions by putting creativity and innovation at the center of its business.

This mindset requires Liberty Mutual to manage creative processes in a more holistic and comprehensive way, including plugging in content, images and video exactly when and where they’re needed. There’s also a need to keep teams motivated and manage costs effectively. “The goal is to create value for the marketing organization and the company,” Stevens says.

As a result, Liberty Mutual turned to Adobe Workfront + Creative Cloud to pave a path to a more creative future.

Agility Matters

No industry is exempt from the laws of digital physics. While technology is crucial, there’s also a need for fresh thinking and broad perspectives. It’s a concept that Stevens and his creative teams embraced early on. In 2015, Liberty Mutual established an in-house creative agency. Two years later, Stevens began exploring ways to take the agency to a new level.

A best-in-class approach was paramount. But that meant finding the right talent, building a framework for faster turnarounds, and tying marketing more tightly to the brand. In practical terms, this meant that the creative studio would have to be equipped to handle any and all types of creative challenges. “We wanted to have a compass that pointed to true north,” Stevens explains.

“As we look to attract new customers and retain customers, our goal is to create seamless experiences across all our customer touchpoints. ”

Clifford Stevens

VP, Managing Director, Creative Operations, Liberty Mutual

As a result, the company launched Copper Giants, an in-house creative agency focused on producing marketing content for Liberty Mutual and its subsidiary brand Safeco.

The broad framework meant that creative teams—about 30 people who handle creative concepting, graphic design, video editing and other tasks—could work on hundreds of projects across all the different initiatives. This approach aimed to make work more engaging and satisfying. At the same time, Liberty Mutual would gain synergy through a more coordinated approach.

Yet, in order to put the plan fully into motion, Liberty Mutual recognized that it needed a technology foundation that could support cross-collaboration along with a single and highly transparent view of marketing priorities, assets and content. It also required a framework that could support executive dashboards and better manage showback models, cost structures and overall planning and timing.

Liberty Mutual turned to Adobe Workfront. The platform delivers the project templates, forms, logic, dashboards and workflows that allowed the insurance company to automate processes but at the same time maximize human touch. Creatives can view comments and see how assets are being used at any given moment. Legal and regulatory teams can ensure that licensing and copyrights are in order.

The level of automated workflow standardization and analytics data available has proved revolutionary. “Workfront allows us to constantly optimize our work and our creative model,” Stevens explains. “We have the tools to manage creative processes in a high-volume environment. We have the metrics we need to see how we’re performing. Workfront delivers a tremendous level of flexibility and efficiency.”

Information sharing among teams is the new normal. This framework has also helped Liberty Mutual and its Copper Giants group understand total capacity and handle internal and B2B tasks in more efficient and streamlined ways. Says Stevens: “It’s a critical factor for driving creativity and business growth.”

A Policy for Success

Liberty Mutual isn’t stopping there. Stevens has developed a roadmap for taking the company further into digital technology and workflows. Among the goals: continuing to scale systems to be faster and more efficient. This means further refining and simplifying content management and building out tools that further automate processes—so that creatives have more time to be creative.

“Workfront has been an incredible partner to scale with our team year over year, and now we are working on API integrations with our DAM, Adobe’s creative cloud and more as part of our operations roadmap,” Stevens explains.

“We’re now well equipped to address the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s world. ”

Clifford Stevens

VP, Managing Director, Creative Operations, Liberty Mutual

Stevens is the first to admit that insurance isn’t perceived as an epicenter of creativity. However, he and others have combined people, processes and technology in new and far more synergistic ways. Now, with a more holistic creative framework in place and the technology to support it, Liberty Mutual is equipped to approach creative endeavors in a highly agile, flexible and scalable way.

To be sure, Liberty Mutual has unlocked value in ways that would have seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. In a changing business and a changing world, it’s equipped for anything that’s tossed its way. “We can manage processes better during both low-volume and high-volume periods,” Stevens says. “We’re now well equipped to address the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s world.”

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