Adobe Commerce — built for scale and performance

Adobe Commerce — built for scale and performance

Ecommerce site performance and scalability are becoming increasingly important as companies keep competing to provide better customer experiences online. Providing creative, personalized, and engaging content alone is no longer enough to ensure customer satisfaction. It is imperative that companies also provide a performing and reliable ecommerce site, because when companies face site downtime, they run the risk of providing poor digital experiences. This can lead to lower conversion rates and potentially loss of revenue.

Having an ecommerce platform built on the cloud delivers substantial advantages for internal teams and digital customer experiences, which is why more companies are choosing cloud-based commerce applications over on-premises. A study conducted by IDC regarding commerce applications stated that, “The split between on-premises/other software and public cloud software is forecast to change from 38.9% and 61.1% in 2021 to 18.8% and 81.2% in 2026, respectively.”

Choosing the right ecommerce platform that is scalable, reliable, and secure is crucial for businesses. Adobe Commerce offers the benefits of modern cloud computing, built on a cloud-native and extensible architecture. Adobe Commerce on Cloud provides enterprise-grade scalability and availability to deliver exceptional commerce experiences while supporting multiple brands, sites, currencies, and global regions.

Cloud scalability and performance

Adobe Commerce is designed to meet the demands of mid-size and enterprise businesses, supporting large and complex catalogs, high transaction volumes, and global regions. In a performance benchmark test for Adobe Commerce on Cloud version 2.4.5 — based on criteria that aim to mimic an enterprise B2C organization — we uncovered some key insights. With Adobe Commerce’s capability to horizontally scale both web and database tiers, customers can scale beyond the number shown:

The Adobe Commerce infrastructure is built to support high traffic, maintain steady performance, and offer consistently responsive shopping experiences. Though the cloud platform is designed for scale and performance, Adobe Commerce continues to make enhancements to improve scale and avoid latency.

Currently, horizontal auto scaling on the web-tier is available for Adobe Commerce on Cloud customers on scaled architecture. Auto scaling empowers merchants to always have the capacity to meet demand during unplanned traffic spikes as resources are automatically added to ensure stable performance. On the other hand, unused capacity is automatically minimized to make sure the appropriate amount of resources are used at any given time. Later this year, auto scaling will be available for standard architecture customers.

Cloud reliability and monitoring

Adobe Commerce on Cloud is a highly performant and reliable ecommerce solution that comes with a high 99.99% infrastructure service level agreement (SLA) — along with a 99.9% application SLA with Adobe Commerce on Managed Services. Adobe Commerce’s high SLAs help merchants feel confident that their site is properly functioning while they focus on other business priorities.

Even with these high SLAs, it's still important for merchants and developers to stay on top of the platform’s health and key performance metrics to ensure site stability. With Adobe Commerce’s vast extensibility and customization capabilities, merchants can better understand how additional integrations and extensions all work together by utilizing monitoring tools.

Customers get access to New Relic and security monitoring tools included with their Adobe Commerce license. These monitoring tools provide merchants and developers with full visibility into the overall health, performance, and security of the platform’s infrastructure and application. Robust monitoring tools ensure that sites perform optimally and stay secure.

Cloud security

Adobe is committed to delivering secure shopping experiences for merchants and their customers. Adobe Commerce is purpose-built to provide a highly secure environment, and it continues to enhance vast security processes and controls to align with industry standards, regulations, and certifications. Here are some of the security features and benefits that Adobe Commerce provides:

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