Adobe Marketo Engage, Workfront better together

Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Workfront — better together

Understanding Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a SaaS-based enterprise work management solution helping customers manage the entire lifecycle of work from one solution. Built for the way people work, the platform is intuitive, flexible, and customizable and provides a 360-degree view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and administrators to better understand and organize their work. Workfront has support for work methodologies, Agile practices, and more traditional project management approaches. All of this from a central dashboard that gives everyone from marketing and creative teams to IT and HR more visibility into projects, the ability to easily collaborate online, and fewer time-consuming emails, spreadsheets, and status meetings.fewer time-consuming emails, spreadsheets, and status meetings.

Understanding Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage offers a comprehensive suite of tools that powers the core communications capabilities for modern marketers. This includes the ability to orchestrate cross-channel communication — like email, direct mail, SMS, social, mobile, and web — and personalize communication based on behaviors and attributes. Retargeting in social and other display channels can be achieved using the Marketo Engage native Ad Network Integrations that provide out-of-the-box connections to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ad Network — as well as LiveRamp onboarding service which, in turn, improves matching and provides further reach into their broader Ad Remarketing Networks. — as well as LiveRamp onboarding service which, in turn, improves matching and provides further reach into their broader Ad Remarketing Networks.

Marketo Engage and Workfront better together

Though there are many use cases for combining Marketo Engage and Workfront, here are a few examples:

The Use Cases in demand from our customers are — Intake & Create and Proof & Approve. Marketers want to reduce errors and increase speed and efficiency for campaign execution.

To get started, Adobe Workfront Fusion comes to the rescue and plays a role between Workfront and Marketo Engage to drive workflow and process automation across the campaign development cycle.

Intake and create:  The request for the campaign is made, and the campaign assets are programmatically assembled.

The number of marketing requests coming into a marketing operations team to launch new campaigns can turn a high-functioning team into a revolving door of repetitive tasks, causing burnout and stagnating innovation.

By establishing a process for submitting campaign requests and automating the creation of commonly requested marketing campaigns, you can increase the velocity of your campaigns, reduce errors, route requests to the right member of marketing operations, balance and improve resource utilization, and focus more of your marketing operations on more strategic tasks.

To make it easier for the campaign requestors, Workfront Fusion provides:

The flow is shown in the diagram below:

Image source: Adobe Experience League

Proof and approve:  Marketers want to reduce errors and increase speed and visibility for campaign execution. Once the campaign is assembled, it’s time for stakeholders to review and sign-off on campaign assets such as emails and landing pages.

Image source: Adobe Experience League

With Workfront Fusion, Marketo Engage with Workfront can help us to achieve this use case.

In the image below, you can see how marketers can share the drafts of emails and landing pages created in Marketo Engage to Workfront to get final review and approval from cross-functional stakeholders. This reduces the time to market for these assets and increases team efficiency.

Visit Adobe Experience League to learn more about how Adobe Marketo Engage and Workfront can work together to speed up your asset review and approval processes.

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