What is a buyer persona?

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In a sea of advertisements and influencers in virtually every industry, it’s not easy to stand out. While some products have a clear target audience, others are more difficult to find.

Businesses have the potential to reach new and valuable audiences they haven’t reached before. But the issue is that they might not know who the right customer is, how to engage them, or where to start to find them. According to HuffPost, 72% of marketers have a difficult time reaching their target audience.

Buyer personas help businesses target the right customer with the right products. Understanding what a buyer persona is points businesses in the right direction to define the ideal audience for their products and maximize their product potential.

In this article, you will learn:

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a key audience segment that you’ve identified has a particular interest in your product or business. Also known as a marketing persona, customer persona, or audience persona, buyer personas synthesize all of the audience data you collect on your current and ideal customers.

A buyer persona uses research to create the ideal customer for you and addresses the factors that eventually lead people to the most relevant product for them. Most companies will have more than one buyer persona, so that they can effectively target multiple segments of their audience.

Buyer persona benefits

Given that 71% of brands that exceed their revenue goals have defined buyer personas, they must be a useful tool for improving business. Buyer personas help you to understand individual customer needs and can assist in solving problems in the marketplace that are not being addressed.

By developing a buyer persona, you can:

How to create a buyer persona

According to the Buyer Persona Institute, using a buyer persona helps your company align its marketing decisions with the expectations of your target audience. It’s useful to understand your customers’ buyer journey, including their decision-making process and pain points.

A buyer persona is more than just a one-dimensional profile — you can think of it as a fictional character with feelings and motivations in addition to characteristics.

While not merely a description or a list of attributes, there is some important information you will need to identify to create a buyer persona, including:

Buyer persona templates

Every company has different needs and goals when it comes to developing buyer personas, but here are some key items to include in your template:

Buyer persona examples

A buyer persona represents the kind of person you want to target. Here are a few examples:

A profile of a female buyer persona named Director Denise, who is 47 years old.

A profile of a male buyer persona named Student Steve, who is 21 years old.

A profile of a female buyer persona named Activist Amy, who is 27 years old.

Define your ideal customer and unlock your product potential

The goal in creating a buyer persona is to organize your data in ways that make your customers come alive, so it will be easier for your team to understand their decision-making process, empathize with their pain points, and offer relevant solutions.

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