Best Scrum team names and how to choose them

Choosing a Scrum team name

You’re forming your Scrum team, but maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a great new Scrum team name. Scrum may not be the most riveting realm to spend your time in, but adding a fun flair where you can will add a little joy to your workweek.

We’ll help you spark some creativity and create some fun names that will keep Scrum team members excited for and engaged with upcoming projects. This article has assembled sound principles to guide you and plenty of examples to inspire you.

Specifically, this post will discuss the following:

How to create a good name for a Scrum team

Your Scrum team name should be thoughtful and really encapsulate the uniqueness of your group. Take your time to come up with something that resembles who your team is — don’t just pull the first name you see on our list.

What will make your teammates laugh? What will get them excited? What will make them collectively nod and think “That’s so us!”

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when creating a good name for a Scrum team:

In order to come up with a thoughtful team name, there are a few basic steps you can follow:

Steps for choosing Scrum team name

  1. Brainstorm. Gather your team together and give each member a chance to share their names. Compile a list of all the ideas once everyone is finished brainstorming.
  2. Collect names. Pick out some of the best names from the list with your team. When shortening your list, make sure the names are memorable, easy to pronounce, unique, and meaningful.
  3. Vote. Once you have a shortlist of potential team names, put them to a vote. This will ensure that team members are happy overall with the name choice.

Having trouble coming up with ideas? Getting the ball rolling is the most difficult part.

You can use these helpful tips to come up with some stellar team names:

While working in Scrum may not always see you doing the most exhilarating work, choosing a Scrum team name can boost morale and create a memorable experience for your team.

Best Scrum team names

Coming up with a clever Scrum team name isn’t easy — creativity takes time and effort. That’s why we’ve assembled some name ideas to get you inspired. Whether you’re searching for a name that’s funny, unique, pop culture-inspired, Agile-inspired, or a one-word Agile or Scrum team name, we have a variety of names that will unite and excite your team members.

Funny Scrum team names 

Funny Scrum team name

Funny Scrum names make for great icebreakers, and laughter can help lower the stress that comes with being a part of the professional world.

Check out these silly Scrum names:

  1. Calendar Crusaders
  2. Schedule Speed Demons
  3. Blocked Off
  4. Project Princesses
  5. Project Plans-A-Lot
  6. Task Tacklers
  7. Sprint Superheroes
  8. Strategy Superstars
  9. Sprint Not a Marathon
  10. Scope Sleuths
  11. Deliverables Divas
  12. Tasks and Tiaras
  13. Sprint to Victory
  14. Kings of the Pitch
  15. Lord of the Sprint

Unique Scrum team names

Unique Scrum team name

This is your team’s chance to have fun and display individuality. Avoid cliches, and take the time to come up with a name that lets your team shine.

Discover if one of these catches your interest:

  1. Scrum Schemers
  2. SCRUMptious
  3. Scrum Superstars
  4. Team Scrumshine
  5. Scrum at Me
  6. Scrum Day Fun Day
  7. Scrumforgettable
  8. Scrum Sisters
  9. Super Scrum Bros.
  10. Scrummy Worms
  11. Scrummertime Sunshine
  12. Let’s Get Ready to Scrumble
  13. Scrumble Bees
  14. Be Scrumble and Kind
  15. Scrumble Braggers
  16. Left No Scrums
  17. Scrum and Go
  18. You Win Scrum, You Lose Scrum
  19. By Scrum Miracle
  20. Scrum as No surprise

Pop culture-inspired Scrum team names

Pop culture Scrum team name

Pop culture unites people, and it can be a fun talking point for your team. Popular references will make your name memorable for your team and anyone else who sees your work.

Here is some pop-culture name inspiration:

  1. Carry on My Wayward Scrum
  2. Scrummertime Sadness
  3. Scrumbody That I Used to Know
  4. Scrumone Like You
  5. Here Comes the Scrum
  6. Scrum As You Are
  7. Scrum on Eileen
  8. Scrum Together
  9. You Make My Dreams Scrum True
  10. Scrum Sail Away
  11. Scrumbledore
  12. Young, Scrum, and Broke
  13. Sit Down, Be Scrumble
  14. Scrumwhere Over the Rainbow
  15. Scrum Together

Agile team names

Agile Scrum team name

As a team that works hard to streamline processes, communicate across departments, and drive company ROI, your group deserves a name that demonstrates your success. If your team spends a lot of time in Agile, consider the following names.

Here’s some name inspiration:

  1. Sprinters United
  2. The Winning Team
  3. Sprint Squad
  4. Super Sprinters
  5. Agile All-Stars
  6. Agile Accelerators
  7. Agile Adventurers
  8. Kings of the Sprint
  9. Agile Overachievers
  10. Stellar Sprinters

One-word Agile and Scrum team names

One-word Scrum team name

Short and sweet is sometimes the route to go. Creating a one-word Agile or Scrum team name will make it easy to remember — but don’t stray away from a creative title that shows who your team is.

Here are some ideas for one-word names:

  1. Hustlers
  2. Sprinters
  3. Accelerators
  4. Strategists
  5. Winners
  6. Champions
  7. Troubleshooters
  8. Conquerors
  9. Coordinators
  10. Masterminds
  11. Streamliners
  12. Speedy
  13. Heroes
  14. Rockstars
  15. Optimizers
  16. Community
  17. Tribe
  18. Clique
  19. Squad
  20. Fixers
  21. Helpers
  22. Overcomers
  23. Knights
  24. Lightning
  25. Zippy
  26. Victorious
  27. Strong
  28. Thriving
  29. Resourceful
  30. Dynamic

Getting started with Scrum teams

While working in Scrum may not always see you doing the most exhilarating work, choosing a Scrum team name can boost morale and create a memorable experience for your team. When you’re ready to get started, review what your team’s all about, and then brainstorm, using these lists as inspiration.

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