Customer experience management

customer experience management

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What is customer experience management?

Customer experience management — often referred to as CXM or CEM — is the practice of creating personalized interactions called experiences that reflect the needs and behaviors of your customers across channels.

By getting customer experience management right, you can strengthen your customer relationships and build brand loyalty through experiences that feel curated just for them.

The importance of customer experience management

With the rise of the digital economy, customers expect online experiences to be personalized. This is especially true for retailers, whose customers shop physically in stores and digitally through channels like their website and social media. Effective content management goes beyond just delivering ads for the pair of running shoes they searched for. It’s understanding your customers so deeply that you can meet them with the right experiences wherever they are — for example, with a social media post for your brand’s next running event — and making them into loyal fans.

Let’s explore the benefits of customer experience management:

Get started with customer experience management

By creating a strong customer experience management strategy, you can improve customer engagement and increase loyalty to your brand. When you’re ready to get started with your own strategy, unify your customer data as the first step. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of your customers before you can deliver personalized experiences. From there, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools.

Adobe Experience Manager combines digital asset management and content management into a unified solution for delivering relevant and personalized experiences at just the right moments. Make the most of your content by sourcing, adapting, automating, and delivering one-to-one digital experiences across every channel at scale with the power of generative artificial intelligence.

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