Data governance — what it is and how to benefit


Your business collects a lot of customer data. And while that’s important, it’s equally important to keep that data safe. That way, you can maintain your customers’ trust and have a better understanding of the information you have about them.

In this article, we’ll provide a data governance definition and some of the major benefits that come from having a strong system of data governance. Specifically, we’ll cover:

What is data governance?

Data governance is a system of processes, strategies, and tools used to make sure data is safe, secure, and used properly throughout its lifecycle. The purpose of data governance is to maintain high-quality data that’s both safely maintained and easily accessible so businesses can gain deeper insights.

For example, a business that uses customer data to give product recommendations within its app needs to establish and communicate the processes and procedures for how it uses that data responsibly.

All organizations need data governance. And they need it across all parts of the business — including leadership, procurement, manufacturing, compliance, sales, and marketing. Once businesses have data governance in place, they can apply this system to their data management practices. That way, businesses can make sure they’re analyzing the right data safely and effectively.


Benefits of data governance

Data is a key asset for any business. But the value of that data comes from understanding how to use it properly. Getting data governance right comes with major benefits, including:

Get started with data governance

In addition to keeping data safe and secure, data governance allows you to spend fewer resources on data that would’ve been left in inaccessible silos. Instead of paying to maintain unknown duplicates, teams across your organization can access data more efficiently. To get started, decide what strategies and processes make sense for your data and choose the right data governance tool to put those processes into practice.

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance is a first-of-its-kind data governance and management framework that empowers you to classify, manage, and enforce how your data is used across your organization — and ultimately build customer trust.

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