Bringing Page Builder Content Authoring to the Magento Open Source Community

page builder graphic

Delivering experiences that improve customer retention, conversion and average order value remains a core tenet of digital commerce success. Building engaging, personalized content is critical for businesses selling to both B2C and B2B markets, and Adobe Commerce customers are realizing superior results by delivering tailored shopping experiences to all audiences. Intelligent commerce capabilities like Product Recommendations and Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei, along with advanced experience management tools found only in Adobe Commerce keep our customers ahead of the growing expectations of consumers and business buyers alike.

As more business is conducted online than ever before, the ability to rapidly develop and deliver new content is now table stakes and a requirement for success. It’s for that reason that we will be making Page Builder available to all our merchants, across both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. With this change, merchants who start on Magento Open Source benefit from Page Builder's easy-to-use WYSIWYG content authoring and have a more seamless upgrade path to Adobe Commerce as their businesses grow.  And the Magento Community can contribute to the ongoing enhancement of this popular tool.

Page Builder example

In addition, as mobile adoption continues to grow, we also believe our merchants’ success lies with highly performant, efficient and mobile-first storefronts. Our first-party progressive web app toolkit, PWA Studio, gives merchants the tools they need to create and manage a modern, headless storefront. At Adobe, we’re invested in providing access to content management tools that support a range of businesses and their evolving content needs for these next-generation storefronts. For simple use cases, Page Builder is available for drag-and-drop content editing and as content requirements grow more complex, our customers can leverage the power of Adobe Experience Manager to deliver best-in-class content and commerce experiences.

In today’s highly competitive commerce space, we know experience matters more than ever. With Adobe Commerce and Adobe’s market-leading experience and creativity tools, we are committed to providing modern and effective solutions that allow businesses of all sizes and types to deliver on that customer expectation.