How to Structure Your Organization for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Most marketers know that sales and marketing alignment can be tough! A great way to build more alignment between the two functions is to staff your teams in a way that promotes collaboration and cross-functional goal setting. Creating the right structure between marketing and sales is imperative for proper alignment. This means defining roles in marketing and sales in a way that helps you move leads through the pipeline more effectively. Outlining specific roles ensures that every part of the customer’s journey is accounted for.

Let’s take a look at some ways to consider structuring your marketing and sales teams for success. And to learn more about sales and marketing alignment, be sure to download our new ebook, Jumpstart Revenue Growth with Sales and Marketing Alignment.

Marketing Roles

How does your marketing team work with sales? Take some time to look at your role descriptions to ensure that they are truly cross-functional. The following are a few of the specific marketing roles we suggest defining:

Sales Roles

Dividing sales into a lead qualification team—and one that works specifically on closing deal—creates the best results. Lead qualification teams can focus on qualifying leads, and your sales account executives can focus on closing deals. Here are a couple of specific sales roles we suggest defining:

Creating role descriptions and goals that support both sales and marketing is critical to alignment. What other cross-functional roles to you have in your own organization?