Adobe Professional Services healthcare — how data readiness is helping to move the industry toward digital maturity

Adobe Professional Services healthcare — how data readiness is helping to move the industry toward digital maturity

We started the Adobe Professional Services healthcare team over six years ago — that’s when we identified a real need for a clear focus on the healthcare industry with experts that understood the nuances there. At the time, healthcare was new to the digital transformation space, a “young vertical” in terms of its readiness and digital maturity. However, it’s safe to say in a world living with COVID-19 that healthcare has grown into a more mature vertical quite quickly — and it’s still growing. But to reach full maturity, data readiness is critical.

Now is the time for healthcare businesses (which include payers, providers, pharmas, medical devices, and research institutions) to get their data ready. Other industries are already far more mature in this sense and are adopting artificial intelligence and personalization at scale strategies, and healthcare patients are looking for optimal experiences. If your customers are getting a great retail experience, why wouldn’t they expect the same when it comes to healthcare?

Get to know your patients through data

Each day, consumers share a lot of data with the organizations they interact with. And in healthcare, it’s extremely important to make sure this data is managed, stored, and prepared correctly. If you don’t do this, then you’re risking sending patients content that is completely irrelevant and potentially insensitive to their condition.

Some patients will be easier to understand than others. For instance, think about a diabetes patient who has logged into your website. They’ve signed up, so they’ve told you about their condition, and your organization now knows that they have diabetes. You own that knowledge and can use it to send them content related to their medical condition, all within regulation specifications. That’s relatively easy.

But what about those patients who haven’t logged in and given you this information? You still want to send them relevant content depending on your data controls — but you’re going to need to work harder to get the insights to do that. This is where you’ll need to integrate all your information and that of third parties and then make sure all this data is ready to be used so you can provide them with a great journey. It’s also critical to know what information you can send and when. This is where the Adobe Professional Services healthcare team excels.

Get your data in the right place

Our team works closely with healthcare organizations to help them meet their KPIs by getting their data in the right place. We bring together years of knowledge and industry expertise so we can validate what data you’re seeing. Remember, it’s not enough to just collect data. You also must understand it to know how to derive value from it.

One of the first things we find that we need to do to help companies is to pull together data that is stored in disparate systems. That’s not necessarily a challenge that’s unique to healthcare, but it’s something many industries are having to fix now after years of siloed systems and processes. Data is at its most powerful when you have every piece of it in one place.

Get your data ready to be used

Once you’ve pulled together your data, you still need to get it ready to be used. From a technical standpoint, a lot of customers think they just need to clean up their data in order to be ready. But it’s about more than that. You also need to prepare your data to help make the most of the customer experience platform you’re using. For instance, do you want to market to an individual who needs assistance? Or are you trying to reach out to an individual with a certain condition? Getting your data right will help you understand what these patients need, the right time to reach out to them, and the best touchpoints for doing so.

Readiness informs use cases

The right type of knowledge is paramount. Perhaps a company is trying to encourage the purchase of one of its medical devices. How do you get that information out to someone who has a relevant need? When it comes to healthcare, most people use it when they need it and don’t touch it when they don’t. Healthcare organizations need to understand when their product is going to be relevant in the patient’s life. This means understanding their user journey, the kind of information they might want when they’re sick, and the information they might need when they’re well again.

At Adobe Professional Services, we are aligned deeply with our products and how they help various industries. In healthcare, the team not only understands our products but also the standard use cases that our other customers are activating. We can bring this knowledge to the table to help organizations get their data ready — so they can start using our software as effectively as possible to meet their KPIs right from the start. When it comes to data readiness, the healthcare industry might still be growing, but with the right guidance from us, you can form a strong data readiness strategy to reach full maturity.

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