Why Offline Marketing is Far More Powerful Than Most People Realize

Have you ever watched to see what people are doing when they’re standing on the street staring down at their phone or sitting at their computer surfing the web? The answer often times is nothing. They’re doing nothing. Sure, they’re doing things, but their eyes are generally glossed over. They’re numb. Online marketing, while powerful in many ways, is becoming more and more challenged simply because of all the noise online.

That’s not to say online marketing isn’t useful, because it’s clearly valuable, but the best marketing efforts are a balanced marriage between online and offline channels. Not one, both.

And while virtually everyone puts all their eggs in the “online basket,” they are missing the incredible potential for offline marketing channels such as direct mail, call centers, and point of sale systems. That opportunity not only still exists today, but is actually getting stronger.

Offline is actually far more effective than people realize and people crave it, even though online (particularly email) is all the rage with marketers. I often find myself saying, “Wait a minute, I just want a short break from technology. I want something authentic.” And I’m not the only one who sometimes looks for a quiet space in our increasingly noisy world.

There’s a growing pushback to the world’s digital progression. Social psychologist Adam Atler’s book “Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked” is one example in the list of many people who are pushing for a less technology-driven mindset. That’s where offline marketing comes in with power.

Not only is it a good way to connect with such people who want to be sometimes or wholly disconnected from online, but it provides a well-rounded (and hence complementary to online) connection with our customers. Besides, if your competitors are abandoning the traditional mailbox, they’re leaving you with a huge opportunity to dominate the channel that achieves the highest response rate.

But many companies don’t fully take advantage of channels like direct mail. There are four main “issues” marketers tend to think of when they think of offline channel marketing, though they’re really not problems at all.

Breaking the bias against offline marketing

Many people think offline has some “issues” that make it not worth using. Respectfully, I’d like to disagree. Here are the common arguments, unpacked.

Opening your marketing heart to offline

As offline marketing generates a strong ROI, appeals to people of many generations, offers trackability, and opportunities for integration, it may be time to look at natural ways for your business to excel offline.

Check back in for my next article on the most effective modes of offline marketing.