Unleash the power of your email data

The opportunity and the challenge

Despite consumers having so many different touchpoints available when engaging with a brand, email is still the preferred channel. Recently, Adobe surveyed 7,000 people across six global regions, asking consumers about their communication preferences and habits. The survey results showed that a majority (61%) of consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via email.

This presents an opportunity for marketers. While reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time is crucial to the success of every business, often just reaching a consumer’s inbox can be a significant challenge, and that amplifies the need for email marketers to prioritize deliverability.

Marketers spend countless hours planning and launching email campaigns. Still, if emails bounce back or end up in a consumer’s spam folder, it’s a missed opportunity to engage with email subscribers and risk falling short of revenue goals due to lost conversions.

Email deliverability should be a priority for email marketers. It’s crucial to a company’s cross-channel marketing success and to their bottom line. Most email marketers have access to more tools than ever, and their efforts stretch across multiple “to do” lists to create, orchestrate, and deliver campaigns. Not only that, but they must constantly adapt and anticipate what’s coming next.

Many email marketers lack insights into whether emails are even reaching the inbox, but that information is crucial. It helps understand a company to understand campaign performance, potential deliverability issues, how to optimize the number of recipients, and the need to go beyond surface metrics to answer tougher questions. What days/times are best to send email? What subject lines are resonating (or not)? In what geographies are people opening an email, and on what devices? What are competitors doing, when are they sending emails, and what messages are performing? What creative is resonating? Is my open rate real? How much revenue did this generate?

Additionally, email marketers often struggle with meaningful campaign insights and analytics for decision-making, limiting the analysis and monitoring of the number of emails sent, bounces and unsubscribes, low engagement, spam complaints, and ignoring best practices in email design, subject line, and digital assets.

The Adobe and Validity solution

To address these challenges, marketers need visibility into sender reputation and inbox placement rates by email service providers to improve email deliverability rates and gain actionable insights to identify problem areas, prioritize areas of focus, and resolve issues to get more emails to consumers’ inboxes.

Recently, Adobe partnered with Validity, a global provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions and announced a strategic collaboration that builds upon the success of Adobe’s solutions for cross-channel campaigns and Validity Everest, the email success platform. Together, these solutions further equip Adobe customers with a unified view, expertise, and next-level data to better analyze and optimize their email marketing programs.

The partnership equips Adobe customers with analytics and a unified view of email marketing data. This visibility helps marketers understand how emails are delivered and performing at scale, going beyond surface metrics to see what's working and what needs fixing. With this solution, marketers get precise and immediate information that can unlock deeper data insights to better improve their email programs.

Additionally, reporting and monitoring provides an overview of the quality of emails sent and delivered over a specific time period — by inbox client or domain — giving the necessary data for decision-making.

Key benefits of the collaboration give your organization the ability to:

This strategic collaboration offers a solution that provides the data, tools, and optional services you need to assess the deliverability of email programs end to end — and take action. The results provide deeper insights for your organization and a greater understanding about what’s happening with your email programs and to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Together, Adobe and Validity enable marketers to harness the power of email data with the best-in-class marketing technology and services.

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