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Customer engagement at the right time, on any channel.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a single application for managing scheduled cross-channel campaigns and trigger-based one-to-one engagement for millions of customers —and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

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Adobe Journey Optimizer unlocks real-time personalization.

Built natively on the Adobe Experience Platform, Journey Optimizer lets you manage customer engagement across inbound and outbound channels using real-time insights and AI-driven decisioning so you can engage one customer — or millions — with relevant experiences anytime, anywhere.

  1. Real-time profile & insights
  2. Omnichannel orchestration
  3. Personalized offer decisioning
  4. Customer lifecycle engagement
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Real-time experiences. Real-time customer action.

Create the foundation for personalized journeys with a unified customer profile and real-time insights.

  • Real-time profiles built from both online and offline data.
  • Identity resolution, centralized audience management, and real-time messaging triggers.
  • Unified metrics framework across Journey Optimizer, Real-Time CDP, and Customer Journey Analytics for consistent measurement.

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Real-time journey orchestration.

Orchestrate and automate journeys based on real-time behavior, contextual changes, or business signals — all from a single application.

  • Omnichannel journey designer
  • Drag-and-drop message designer
  • Visual authoring for web push messages and web in-browser messages
  • Code-based authoring for nonvisual or server-side surfaces
  • Digital asset management
  • Guided channel setups for streamlined configuration

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Real value added to the customer journey using generative AI.

Personalize engagement at scale with centralized decisioning, experimentation, and intelligence so you always deliver the “next best offer.”

  • Central offer management helps enable reuse and govern eligibility.
  • Intelligent offer decisioning defines the best offer for the customer and allows you to place it in any channel.
  • AI decisioning optimizes journey pathways based on defined goals.

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Engage customers at every step of their journey.

Manage broad marketing campaigns and personalized, one-to-one interactions alike to stay top of mind no matter where your customers roam.

  • Audience-based marketing
  • One-to-one customer marketing
  • Business-driven segment updating
  • Immediate burst messaging

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Boost efficiency with AI Assistant.

Streamline workflows and enhance productivity with this easy-to-use conversational AI Assistant.

  • Quickly access product information, troubleshoot issues , or learn new concepts.
  • Perform tasks faster, whether it’s exploring data, creating content, or understanding operational insights.

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The latest innovations for Journey Optimizer.

  • Engage customers across additional channels with visual authoring for web push messages and web in-browser messages, as well as code-based authoring for nonvisual or server-side surfaces.
  • Measure impact consistently and accurately with a unified metrics framework across Journey Optimizer , Real-Time CDP, and Customer Journey Analytics.
  • Use AI decisioning to identify the optimal pathway for a customer to flow through their journey based on your defined goals.
  • Make next-best-offers available at any point in the journey, across multiple channels.
  • Speed up new channel configurations with guided channel setups for web and mobile apps.
Better define journeys and evolve how you deliver experiences.

Simplify management

A single application for omnichannel campaigns and real-time engagement.

Improve engagement

Personalized content based on profiles updated in real time.

Increase conversion

Data-driven insights with instant views into journey progression.

Speed time to market

Modern UX with journey templates and AI-powered workflows.

Scale as you need

Cloud-native scalability and agility with API extensibility.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics.

Learn how this Adobe solution delivered a 431% return on investment.

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Journey Optimizer + Real-Time CDP.

Pair Real-Time CDP with Journey Optimizer to build unified profiles and actionable audiences while creating, orchestrating, and delivering personalized customer experiences from a single platform.

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“We can feed profiles into Adobe Journey Optimizer to deliver more relevant emails and other communications across channels. We’re even looking to use location information through the mobile app to activate location-based communication. If a tourist is walking near a museum, it can trigger a push notification or email inviting them to visit.”

Francesco Paolo Schiavo, Director General at the Italian Ministry of Tourism

Questions? We have answers.

What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Adobe Journey Optimizer is an agile, scalable application built on the Adobe Experience Platform for orchestrating and delivering personalized, connected customer journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel. It lets brands optimize and personalize experiences across the entire customer journey — whether it's a brand-initiated engagement like weekly promotional emails or personalized real-time interactions, such as providing customers with contextual information as they engage with products or services they've purchased from your business.

Brands can use a single application to put consumers at the heart of the customer journey, whether orchestrating individual campaigns or intelligent management of the entire customer journey.

What is the difference between Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Journey Orchestration?

Adobe Journey Optimizer — built on the Adobe Experience Platform — enables journey orchestration, customer segmentation, and content and delivery capabilities all within a single solution. Capabilities include intelligent personalization, dynamic customer journey designing, and real-time insights.

Adobe Journey Orchestration lets you tailor individual journeys for customers based on their prior preferences and behaviors.

What is a user journey map?
A user journey map is a visual representation of the stages a customer encounters on their way to completing a task, such as making a purchase or acquiring information. Journey mapping usually begins by identifying user actions, and compiling them into a timeline. This timeline often aligns with their cognitive journey — i.e. "What is user journey map?" to "What journey orchestration tool is right for my organization?" — towards creating a finalized visual narrative.
What is customer experience?
Customer Experience (CX) refers to a customer's overall perception of their interactions with a particular company or brand. This can be measured before, during, and after a purchase or engagement, across all channels and touchpoints. Securing long-term customer loyalty means getting CX right at every opportunity, from the brand introduction to the sales cycle, and post-sales support.
What is customer journey orchestration?
Customer journey orchestration is the process of coordinating omnichannel customer experiences in real-time to drive brand engagement. Orchestration engines can be used alongside data resources to identify the next actions a user is likely to take, map them out, and ensure all interactions are personalized appropriately.