Adobe and Amadeus are helping airlines automate unique customer experiences across all digital touchpoints

No two travelers are alike, and airline marketers need to be able to adapt to customer behavior on the fly. That’s why Adobe and Amadeus are making new strides in their partnership by integrating Adobe Experience Platform with Amadeus Airline Platform. This integration will help airlines create rich traveler profiles, activate personalized journeys in real time, and deliver traveler experience management at scale.

This might not be the first time you’ve heard about the partnership between Adobe and Amadeus. The two technology companies started collaborating in 2018, when Adobe and Amadeus signed a strategic partnership to enable airlines to create more memorable digital travel experiences.

This new integration will take the collaboration one step further for airlines: it will combine Adobe’s unique and global digital experience platform with Amadeus’s knowledge of airline needs.

Thanks to this integration, airline marketers can create unique traveler segments in Amadeus Traveler DNA using traveler attributes such as preferred ancillary and additional data points. These segments can connect with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, an enterprise-grade CDP architected from the ground up on Adobe Experience Platform for first-party data that powers the next-generation of customer experiences.

Once the traveler segments are created, airline marketers can use Adobe Experience Platform to develop exceptional offers for each segment and trigger customized messaging based on traveler behavior in real time. That means no two traveler groups will receive the same message at the same time. With this level of customized marketing, each traveler is treated as an individual, and their digital travel experience can be as exclusive as their Netflix landing page.

"The Adobe-Amadeus partnership enables air travel to shop like they shop for anything online — easily, from anywhere, receiving tailored and optimized offers for their needs."

-Nik Shroff, Senior Director of Global Technology Partners at Adobe

In short: airlines will be able to automate and personalize customer experiences across all their digital touchpoints faster than ever before. With access to several specialized airline solutions in the Digital, Data, Loyalty, Offer, and Order suite, airline marketers can create their own digital strategy and keep the customer at the center of it all. And they can do it all through Adobe Experience Platform.

New business scenarios and data-driven customer use cases can be brought to market faster with advanced retargeting. These benefits translate into even more efficient marketing. Automated processes will allow airlines to easily reach more customers faster with customized and relevant marketing content delivered consistently at just the right moment in the customer journey. For example, an airline could feed various Amadeus Traveler DNA segments to Adobe Experience Platform to create and deliver rapid, relevant digital campaigns.

Meanwhile, Amadeus Digital Experience Suite can enrich Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform profiles to improve knowledge of customers, resulting in a positive feedback loop based on online customer behaviors.

Travelers will benefit from a digital experience closer to what they expect from today’s leading digital retailers — unique and personalized content delivered more consistently across all channels. Long-time, high-value customers can get extra benefits created and offered just for them at just the right time.

With this new integration, Adobe and Amadeus are leading the way in artificial intelligence-driven solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce in the travel industry, with the most comprehensive set of customer experience applications and services available.

John Lonergan is the VP of traveler experience and airlines at Amadeus. Amadeus is a Premier Tech Partner in the Adobe Exchange Program.